BT Yahoo Broadband Hidden Cost

  Alf58 17:56 09 Oct 2004

I recently converted to BT Yahoo Broadband from BT Home Highway ISDN. I was attracted by the faster Download speed and the fact that BT Yahho broadband boasted of free connection. Conversion was made and I was delighted untill I got my phone bill.

There was a charge for conversion from ISDN to Broadband of some £40. At no point was I ever warned about this and it was cerainly never mentioned in the publicity. As I pay my phone by direct debit I didnt receive any kind of written notification. It leaves a rather sour taste. Does anyone know if I have any any legal redress?

  CurlyWhirly 18:24 09 Oct 2004

Sounds illegal to me as you were charged this 'conversion fee' without ANY mention of it beforehand.
I don't think that 'hidden charges' are legal though I may be wrong.

  Aristocatman 21:53 09 Oct 2004

I was made aware of the charge because it involved removing the home highway connection 'box' & changing the ISDN 150V line back to a standard phone line I also lost my second analogue phone line at the same time. this information was spelled out to me before I ordered the change from BT.
I thought it was worth it as the cost of ISDN + demon internet was £15 a month more expensive than BT Yahoo Broadband.
If you had a standard BT phone line the (self)installation would have been free.

  Alf58 23:18 09 Oct 2004

Was the conversion charge mentioned in writing?
I wish it had been spelled out to me. I knew I would lose the second phone line but the impression I was given was that there would be no charge for the conversion. I am completely fed up with the whole issue and will change my isp to another company as soon as I possibly can. BT really ought to look at customer relations.

  Strangely Brown 10:31 11 Oct 2004

Have you checked this out with BT?

Not sure if your story is the same as this but this is my experience...

I signed up for BT Midband in early June as BB was not available. 12 month contract yadayadayada!

BB becomes available and I arrange a conversion that happened on 6th September. I was informed that as BB had now just become available in my area that the conversion fee would be waived and there would be no other costs.

Imagine my surprise when I received a bill for almost £400.00 that included a £251.00+VAT charge for the rest of the 12 month Midband Contract and a £50.00 coversion charge.

Took me 4 days of trying to get through but once I'd managed to do so it all seems to have been sorted (Still waiting for the confirmation letter for the £251.00).

First thing I did was cancel the DD to ensure that the money stayed with me until sorted.

Is this a similar issue for you? I also have to say in BT's defence that even though they made a mess of the billing, they did state at the time I called to convert that there was normally a £50 conversion charge for the service.

Sounds like an individual not doing their job properly rather than BT being misleading.

  Alf58 21:19 11 Oct 2004

On reflection, it probably was an individual not doing their job properly. When I rang up about the BB conversion I asked if BB would be cheaper than my ISDN and I was told it would be because their would be no rental for the equipment so my total cost would be monthly BB charge, phone calls and BT Line rental. No mention of converstion charge.

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