BT Yahoo Broadband - any good?

  pepe 15:07 31 Dec 2004

I am currently an AOL usre with Home Highway ISDN. As I wish to upgrade to Broadband I contacted AOL but they will not upgrade me until ISDN removed.
This will cost me £49.99 and I will also have to buy and install dial-up modem to cover period before BB enabled.

BT Yahoo will do everything at same time and not charge the fee.

I have been with AOL for many years and have been happy with their service but cannot accept being on dial-up for 2-3 weeks.

Is BT Yahoo any good? I really don't want to find the connection droppong all the time.

Thanks in advance for all help.


  pepe 15:30 31 Dec 2004


I have been on BT Broadband ever since they introduced it, and have never had any problems of any kind.

  mbp 18:35 31 Dec 2004

IMHO, BT is solid and reliable. I have never had any problems unresolved by BT quickly and efficiently.It has a good customer service. BT-Yahoo BB that comes with it has the same reputation. There are a few extra perks that come with it which I like, i.e. Free Web Photo Album/Briefcase and a modest free website which is excellent for starters. There are also some extra security features included. You do not read of too many complaints about BT's services.

  randy snails 02:25 01 Jan 2005

I have been with bt yahoo for 2 months and have had 2 faults with it, I tried to resolve each issue myself but had to ring the helpline both times. They were prompt in answering the phone and dealt with my problems like thay had my pc in front of them, each time i was up and running within 10 mins. I can recommend them 10/10

  BJN 18:56 03 Jan 2005

I was with BT Yahoo as it's now know for 4 years, service was great untill I tried out a 1mb connection for 3 moth trial. I reverted back to 512 as I was not getting any extra beifits from a 1mb line and at the time it was £10 per month more. Now there is only about £3.00 diffrence.

But the big problem I encounted and lasted 7 months before I finaly got it sorted out was the Billing. They contonued to charge for 1mb line after I reverted back to 512kb. They insited I was still on faster line, took 3 months + many phone calls for them to admit They where wrong. They refunded money, then next month they over charged me again, so I was offered 2 free months service for free after a senior person tlephoned me one night after I said I was changing providers.

Ok I though nice of them and what a big mistake, next moth they charged me £252.40 (taken from my bank account) no warning.Took me 2 days of telephone calls and threats of county court action before they said they could only refund after they received the money, but they had had it for 7 days by then. Ok they finaly paid the money back after nearly 3 weeks.

So I got a MAC code from BT, telephoned Nldram and 10 days later I was online with Nildram.

Then 3 weeks later came an Email to inform me that my monthly payment to BT Yahoo for £252.40 was to be taken from Bank next day. A quick call to my bank to cancel anymore payment that BT Yahoo try may make stopped the payment.

Then I was threatened with court action bt BT yahoo for now payment, even though they admitted that I was nolonger a customer and had not been for 2 moths, was fully paid up when I left and owed nothing.

So if you dont have billing problems BT Yahoo are very good no big problems with service. But be warned if Billing get it wrong you'll have weeks of trouble.


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