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  Forum Editor 11:00 27 Sep 2003

BT OpenWorld broadband customers will all be receiving a letter about now, informing them of the 'upgrade' to BT Yahoo broadband that is available to them at the click of a mouse.

This is a free upgrade - all you have to do is confirm your details online and you're suddenly a BT Yahoo customer. Narrowband customers will get a similar letter soon, and eventually all BT internet customers will become BT Yahoo customers - like it or not. There's nothing wrong with this per se, you still get the same broadband access at the same price, but you're encouraged to download a connection wizard which will customise your browser and provide spam filtering/pop-up stoppers etc.

I'm interested to find out how you get on with this, particularly if you inatall the connection wizard (you don't have to do this when you upgrade), and what your experience is if/when you phone the technical helpline. So far I have spoken to two of my clients who have made the upgrade today, and they both report that the helpine number rings incessantly without any answer (no recorded message of apology or reassurance - just a ringing tone) which isn't a particularly auspicious beginning.

  mikef. 11:45 27 Sep 2003

I downloaded it yesterday, with no problems so far, and am now using a combination of the new browser and IE6, whose connection I kept on my desktop and choose to make as my default connection, if you choose the small icons and change the colour it's not to bad, HOWEVER, there are certain things that can not be used on it, in particular ieSpell which, with my spelling, I need when on sites like this.

Things that I like, is you have an almost limitless choice on what to put on your home page and the pop up stopper and unlike -pops- my spam blocker seems to block the revolting emails.

But until all the bugs have been ironed out it will be a bit of both.

  Colin 12:55 28 Sep 2003

I installed BT Yahoo as soon as it was available.
It looks very nice and the popup stopper is good. However, I don't think that it is essential. I think BT are trying to go like AOL.
I still use the normal IE connection from time to time as it appears to run quicker, but that might just be me. I still prefer to use Outlok Express rather their e-mail service.
I have no experience of their helpline as I have never needed to use it. I have had BTOpenworld BroadBand since August 2002 and never had a problem with it. Likewise, with their normal dial up service before that.

  Forum Editor 22:59 09 Jan 2004

Is this an official Tiscali forum presence then Netjuice?

  Forum Editor 13:30 11 Jan 2004

I'm interested in the way that BT broadband services, far from staying simple, as they were at the beginning, seem to be getting more and more complex.

I was among the first 30,000 people in the UK to get broadband when it first launched, and things were pretty straighforward, you dealt with BT OpenWorld and the helpdesk was a dream - rapid response, and friendly, expert service.

Now we have BT OpenWorld, BT Yahoo, and BT broadband, and I no longer feel I am in touch with my service provider. As is often (always?) the case, bigger hasn't meant better - just more remote and complicated. A friend of mine who uses a computer daily has just signed with BT broadband. He spent a fruitless two days trying to send email without realising that there's no email service with his package - the helpdesk constantly referred him to a BT 'partner' ISP and he went round and round in circles.

  wee eddie 20:48 11 Jan 2004

as the e-mail suggested downloading an unknown file from an unknown web site.. click here

I decided there was a high likelihood of danger

Had the e-mail suggested that I download from their normal address then I would have had no problem.

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