BT Yahoo 8MB Broadband

  Colin 21:04 07 Apr 2006

I am currently on 2MB BT Yahoo Broadband and know that my exchange has been upgraded to provide an 8MB service. I have been patiently waiting for the upgrade e-mail from BT but have heard nothing. Just by chance I read on The Register website click here that you have to re-register to get it. click here I have done this and my upgrade is due to be effective from 13 April. A second point, which may mean a new thread, is that BT recommend a router instead of a USB modem to receive the higher speeds. I currently use a ZOOM ADSL USB modem. Can anyone recommend a router, wireless or ethernet? My PC is stand alone and will not be networkedd. Thanks

  Colin 22:37 07 Apr 2006

Thanks, Harpur & £dstowe. I saw the BT recommended one. I will look at reviews for both.

  Colin 12:18 08 Apr 2006

I've looked at both products and am confused. I assume that as well as the wireless router I also need a interface card for my PC? I see that there are PCI cards and USB interface cards, which seem the easier option. AS BT don't recommend a USB modem for the higher speeds, will a USB inteface card also be less efficient? So that I don't need to buy the components seperately, I have looked for an all inclusive package, but can't seem to find one.

  Colin 11:22 09 Apr 2006

Thanks for all your responses. I didn't go for the offer on the Voyager 2091 as I can't see it listed on BT's Voyager page so assume it's a discontinued product. I will go for a wireless router with ethernet ports as even though I don't envisage my PC ever being networked, at least I will have it just in case. I have looked at the Linksys WAG354G ADSL2 Modem Router which seems OK. But there are so many that I would appreciate any user comments.

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