bt? what the hell is this?

  [email protected] 22:07 10 May 2009

so, been with bt over 3 years, had ups and downs but thats fine. i pay for 'up to 8 meg' out of the box config all bt gear, home hub, mcafee, antiphishing yahoo adware junk.....
sorry. gets me just over 2 meg. bit of messing, and tweeking gets me just under 5 meg. Very simple with a little reading up.
now i get an offer click here
so bt would come out and do the 20 second tweeks i have already done and charge me the best part of £90 for it.
so just what the hell am i paying for?
i just cant believe this rubbish.

  WolframBlitzen 22:13 10 May 2009

You're paying for somthing that BT, and many other companies can call "Specialist" work.

Basically it means that the majority of people have no idea how to do this kind of thing, but want it doing so BT can charge for it and the can charge whatever they like. Because it's somthing that generally involves having a reasonable amount of knowledge about computers, they can brand it as somthing they specialise in, which means they charge more.

£90 is a pretty common charge for that kind of service.

  [email protected] 22:23 10 May 2009

i suppose, but i could argue that they advertise up to (in very small letters) 8 meg and they should offer the service free remotely if the customer is not happy messing with configorations.
i just would hardly consider this to be a special offer really.
and if you install the devil's bloatware that is amazingly crowbarred onto the welcome disk. it would be incredibly easy to increase networking bu at least twice.
anyway im just having a moad, thanks for the reply.

  AL47 22:40 10 May 2009

care to share that tweaking? is it hardware?

  [email protected] 22:52 10 May 2009

no not hardware, just networking and understanding, how it all works, why i was lagging on online games, how did u torrent actually work, why were my game updates networked from multi address, it all puzzled me. and i have to find out how things work.
it all started (sorry you asked yet?) when i was using look and stop as a firewall, i dont use a firewall anymore but if you want to learn how your pc talks to others, its pricless to use as a learning (monitoring) tool, google technical search engines, and just read, thats all i have done, search every communication thats going through your firewall or network monitor and mess.
in understanding this i havnt used any real time scanners for nearly 2 years now and this of course makes for a lighter pc in general.

  AL47 00:04 11 May 2009

no not sorry, i will have a read, in our area our connection is desperately slow..

100KBps average

  ened 08:08 11 May 2009

Actually there is a 'Hardware' tweak which was told to me by a BT engineer.

It concerns a 'redundant' wire in your main box - the line in. But it can be safely disconnected and will improve your speed.

I can't say which (Colour)it is because I didn't write it down and my speed is fast enough, but maybe somebody else knows and can tell us.

  AngeTheHippy 08:20 11 May 2009

WINDOWS VISTA USERS: Vista TCP tuning (tweaking) is NOT advisable. The Vista TCP stack does a reasonable job of tuning the receive window dynamically, there are no known registry tweaks that would optimize Vista better than its default configuration.

So it might be an idea NOT to play about with the settings if you've got Vista as I now have. I got the above from click here


  961 09:01 11 May 2009

The best way to tweak your hardware is to replace the standard BT faceplate on the master socket with one which has one plug for the broadband circuit and another for the voice wiring within the house

This removes from the broadband cicuit faulty household wiring, the ring circuit mentioned by ened, and faulty micro filters of which I am sure there are many more than generally realised

This single tweak can often improve broadband speeds by up to half

  [email protected] 09:27 11 May 2009

i think it's the one that by passes the test socket behind the face panel, i dissconnected that on bt's advices when i first started. not sure if it increased speed, my broadband was still settling in, it did however stop my frequent dissconnects.

  Stuartli 10:08 11 May 2009

I note from the BT page about the service mentioned that:

"It's only £88.09 for an engineer visit and if we cannot improve your broadband speed by at least 0.5Mb you will not be charged for any part of this service."

Hardly a demanding task it would seem.....

Worth reading to help you understand (in company with associated pages on the websites):

click here

click here

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