Bt Unlimited Broadband is not unlimited its a joke

  teddybear154 21:57 25 Jan 2010

I wonder if some one can help me. I have internet with BT, im on option 3 Unlimited. I would not say im a really heavy user. My husband has a xbox 360 and playstation 3 and downloads 1 demo every other week plus he play online for about 1-2 hours most evenings. On top of this my children watch cbeebies programms on the iplayer quite abit. Apart from that I don't really download any large files I dont use p2p or any thing like that I download mostly teaching materials as I home school my children but theire never big files. I did download a couple of Tv programs from Itunes this week but this is the first time I have used Itunes. As I have only just got a Ipod. Does this sound excessive internet usage. Any way I went to use the internet last night as I wanted to download some material that I needed to teach my childen today and it was pain fully slow just even loading web pages. I did a Bt internet Speed test and That Came back and said my internet speed is 800kb. normally My internet speed is around 7mb. I then checked my email and Bt have sent me a email, saying they recon I have downloaded over 100gb. and that they are now restricting my internet. . There is no way I have downloaded 100gb.I have a little programme on my computer that monitors and records how much I download So I know I have used no where near this.Could BT have made a mistake. I don't believe any one could download that much in just 1 month. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe some one has hacked in to my wireless network and downloaded stuff. But I don't know who as I live in a terrace hose and the cottages either side out holiday cottages and there are different people there every week. or how they could do this as my net. work is sercure. How can I tell IF some one has hacked in to my network and usinging my internet. My network is sercure with WEP. and I have a built in fire wall in the BT home hub plus my computer has anti virus and fire wall installed. What can I do. My internet is ridiculous it is so slow it is a struggle to even just surf the internet. I can't down load any teaching material so am struggling to teach my children at the moment Let alone do any thing else. My husband can't play online either. I am using a friends computer to type this . Can they restrict your internet usage this much. to the point where your internet is more or less useless. I tried to complain to bt but they won't listen and don't care. I am thinking of cancelling my broadband and moving else where as internet is essential to me to teach my children. My problem s that Im on a 12 month contract and have about 7 months left. If I cancel do I have to pay the last 7 months of my contract. Can I refuse as they are not giving me the service I pay for. What are my rights what shoulod I do. I know they have a fair usage policy but the unfair usage policy is very unclear and doesnt even state exactly what the maximum usage is before getting your broadband restricted. They don't even give you any way of keeping an eye on what your internet usage is. Its very misleading. Some thing that is advertised as unlimited should be unlimited and its not this is very mis leading and bad.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Thanks In advance

  BRYNIT 22:40 25 Jan 2010

You don't say how much you have download or when.

Its not how much you have downloaded over the month, but how much you have downloaded over a few days during the busy times when other people want to use the internet.

If you use the internet to download large files in the early hours when everyone is in bed I don't thing you would have any problems.

You will have the same problems whoever you use.

Yes you will still have to pay for the remaining contract.

  MAJ 22:47 25 Jan 2010

As you have found out, there is no such thing as "unlimited" downloads, all ISPs will have a fair usage policy and no they don't tell you what their definition of fair usage is.

You say your wireless security is WEP, you should increase it to WPA which is much more secure, or you should turn off the wireless mode and use a wired connection instead. It is possible that your connection has been hacked, so change to WPA as soon as.

800kbps speed is very low for a 7meg connection but it's still way faster than a lot of people can get, so it's not impossible to use it until the start of your next allowance cycle. I do admit that your hubby's online gaming will suffer though, he's not sneaking up in the middle of the night to play, is he?

"I can't down load any teaching material so am struggling to teach my children at the moment..."

I find that disturbing, are you saying that if you don't have an internet connection, you can't teach your children? Are there any schools close by?

Usually, if you break the contract before it expires, you will have to pay something, not necessarily the full 7 months though, ask BT what they will charge you to break the contract.

  teddybear154 23:01 25 Jan 2010

I don't download practically any large files. Only one demo on the xbox 360 or ps3 every other week Size wize I guess a demo is abhout 1gb.We always download demos at night. I can't state on this forum exactly how much i have downloaded or when as it would take me to long. But any thing I have downloaded has been very small files like 5-10mb. any thing I need to download in the way of teaching materilas I download late in the evening or I do it over night so I have it in the morning.I have checked the software I have installed on my computer and that states in the last month I have used 18gb plus 2 demos on xbox 360 1gb each + 1 ps3 demo 1.5gb plus 1-2 hours online play a night on one or other console. Also it is not how much you are downloading over a few days. The email clearly states that they recon I have downloaded over 100gb in the last month which I havent and that is why they have restricted my broadband. They clearly advertise as unlimited. How can it be unlimited when they do this. its wrong. Why should I have to pay when cancelling when they are not provinging me the service I am paying for. Its not fair. I am paying at the moment for internet I can't even use due to them.

  teddybear154 23:08 25 Jan 2010

MAJ My sons were in school but both have special needs my oldest who is 6 1/2 has Autism and my other so is 4 and has cerybral palsy. I have been having problems with the LEA as they won't give my oldest son the hours on his statement of educational needs that he needs for his extra help. I took my son back at the beginning of the this term and the school turned him away and said the LEA have stopped the funding all together and they can't afford to have him at the school. Their are only 2 other schools near me and neither have any places so at the moment Im having to teach him at home they won't take my youngest son at the moment as he needs a statement and they feel again that the LEA won't give the funding.

  MAJ 23:13 25 Jan 2010

BT Option three does not offer "Unlimited" downloads, it offers "Unlimited*" (note the asterix) downloads, see BT's Fair Usage page click here

Having said that 100GB is a fairly excessive amount for what you say your usage is. Increase your wireless security or change to a wired solution from your router to see if it helps.

  peugeot man 05:27 26 Jan 2010

I think you will be surprised how bandwitdh hungry iplayer can be, if you are watching a lot of TV you can soon breach the "fair use limit".

I always found BT to be one of the better ISP's, I think you will have the same issue whoever you use, I think it is more likely to be your download habits rather than someone using your wireless connection.

  KremmenUK 08:55 26 Jan 2010

I agree. The likes of iPLayer are of the 'Streaming Video' genre and can seriously eat into your usage in no time.

  Forum Editor 00:02 28 Jan 2010

is that BT are throttling your connection because of your iPlayer use.

iPlayer is responsible for enormous bandwidth consumption, and BT will throttle the connection of anyone who exceeds their 'fair use' policy limits. Between 5p.m. and midnight BT experiences massive peaking on its bandwidth consumption, much of it due to iPlayer, and it throttles heavy users in order to be fair to others.

Moving to a different ISP will not solve the problem. Lots of ISPs cram as many users as possible into their bandwidth capability, and you might well find yourself worse off.

  Covergirl 13:05 28 Jan 2010

Quote: "On top of this my children watch cbeebies programms on the iplayer quite a bit"

An iPlayer programme is about 1MB per minute, so do a quick reckoning of approximately how much your children might watch.

An hours worth is about 0.66GB, 2 hours 1.3GB, so just say they watch an hour a night over 30 nights it's getting on towards 20GB already.

Add onto that your iTunes & XBox downloads and Windows updates and you'll probably find you're
not far off that 100Gb figure.

Also, if you've been on 7gb download speed, large downloads will be very fast and you may think "there wasn't much in that download" when in fact a 10GB download might take about 2 minutes on a 7Mb connection (someone put me right if this calculation is a bit out).

Also consider the fair usage policy as pointed out above.

Also, just think back a few years when Broadband wasn't "in every house" - I've only had BB for 2 years and previously managed to surf most places at 56k connection speeds . . .

  Covergirl 13:07 28 Jan 2010

Also, if you've been on 7gb download

should read

Also, if you've been on 7Mb download

obviously . . . :-)

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