Is BT Sport free with BT Broadband

  hssutton 18:15 01 Aug 2014

Is BT Sport free with BT Broadband? That's the question. A few days ago I received a phone call from BT informing me that BT Sport was no longer free. So I told them as it's only on rare occasions that I watch it, so I was not prepared to pay, so BT have now cancelled the sports channel, but every thing I read about BT Broadband says BT sport comes free. Obviously I'm not talking about the HD channel.

  BT 18:30 01 Aug 2014

That's what the TV ad I saw today is saying.

I get it with my Virgin TV bundle, and I don't subscribe to any sport channels. I comes along with ESPN and a few others.

  tullie 22:03 01 Aug 2014

I get it free with bt broadband.

  hssutton 22:13 01 Aug 2014

So did I for several months, but now they say I will have to pay.

  hssutton 11:22 02 Aug 2014

Well I've just received an email from BT informing me that if I sign up for another 12 months BT sport will be free. This appears to be at odds with everything I read and what you all are saying. So are BT being a little disingenuous here.

Quote from email.

"Your BT Sport is ending soon. To avoid paying £6.75 a month, you need to renew your BT broadband contract by 26th September to keep getting our three sports channels for free"

So it appears being a loyal BT broadband customer doesn't count for anything unless you commit to another 12 months contract.

  spuds 13:44 02 Aug 2014

A lot of these offers are for new customers only, unless you threaten to leave, and they then provide a goodwill gesture.

With my ISP I have a 'rolling contract', and that can bring all sorts of surprises?.

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