BT sets SDSL prices for September launch

  anchor 08:30 20 Aug 2003

I have just read this news item:-

"The IPStream Symmetric service - as the SDSL product is known - will be available at four speeds: 256kbit/sec, 512kbit/sec, 1Mbit/sec and 2Mbit/sec costing £1,440, £1,680, £2,520 and £3,000 a year respectively for a minimum one-year contract. The connection charge will be £450.

Bear in mind that these are the wholesale prices that BT will charge service providers and will be lower than the final cost to end users.

Unlike ADSL connections, the symmetric lines do not carry voice calls, and therefore in most cases will not be suitable for home usage. If you do want SDSL at home, you will have to have a second copper phone line installed.

BT has not yet confirmed which of its exchanges will be SDSL-enabled, although those which have been part of the extensive trials should be".

I don`t think I will be changing from Pipex ADSL quite yet!.

  Barrie_G 15:17 20 Aug 2003

Can't see it catching on for data only when at least in the case of the 512kbit/sec its 500% the price of ADSL where you also get voice commuincation.

  anchor 15:40 20 Aug 2003

It would be interesting to hear from professionals, such as our Forum Editor, to see what they think.

The main advantage of SDSL, as I understand it, is that uploads are the same speed as downloads. Is this worth the considerable extra cost?.

  anchor 14:32 21 Aug 2003

It seems that these high prices have left our professional members speechless.

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