BT refuse to give a Contact email Address

  wee eddie 20:27 23 Aug 2012

While I was away, yesterday I received a number of emails purporting to come from BT Online Services.

Of course, it was a Phishing Attack that had avoided BT's Spam Filter, so I decided to tip them off.

I went to BT's Online Business Website, I'm a Business Customer albeit small, to find out the relevant email Address.

All links in the "Contact Us" Section lead to a FAQ and I was unable to find any suitable email address.

So I rang them. ~ After a 20+ minute wait and having given them my Telephone Number, they still would not give me an email address with-which to report the Phishing attack. So I rang off.

If this is how BT treat their Business Customers, The Lord knows how they treat their Private ones.

I would strongly recommend anyone considering transferring their Custom to BT to think twice before doing so.

  Forum Editor 20:29 23 Aug 2012

Transferred to Consumerwatch from Speakers Corner.

  Forum Editor 20:48 23 Aug 2012

Maybe, before issuing a sweeping condemnation, and a dire warning to others you could have done what I just did - entered 'BT phishing email' into Google and found this right at the top of the list of returns in about three seconds flat.

  Forum Editor 20:52 23 Aug 2012


Most banks receive hundreds of reports about phishing emails every day. They don't have the resources to respond to each one, and there's usually a note on the website to explain just that.

  wee eddie 22:32 23 Aug 2012


I visited their Website > after looking around for a Lead, I clicked on "Contact Us" > I was directed to FAQ after FAQ with nary a hint of an email address anywhere > I rang them from the phone to which the Account is Registered and confirmed that detail.

They refused to give me an email address to report the Phishing Attack.

Now, I agree with you that had I Googled, I would have found the relevant address, but my point is this > That, firstly I should have been able to find it on BT's Business Clients Website and Secondly they should have given it to me when I confirmed the Accounts BT Number.

I have frequently sung their praises in the past and shall remain with BT, but this has shown me a side of them that I had not previously experienced and I wished to point it out to others.

You will have noted that I did not say "Do not sign up with BT".

I pointed out that their attitude and site are not quite as used friendly as their advertising would have you believe and that second thoughts might be appropriate.

  Exkirker 12:35 24 Aug 2012

I'm on wee eddie's side: recently BT took EIGHT DAYS to fix my phone line yet when they finally involved their own Open Reach team, it was sorted in half an hour. I've been a residential customer for fifty years (and still am) but find their relations with the public pathetic sometimes. When I asked for a refund on my landline rental - paid in advance of course - they admitted they had not calculated anything for this. Then, my monthly bill stated that as I had "not paid fully" my previous bill, they were adding a sum to my current one - and this after paying monthly, by direct debit. The "unpaid" reference was because they had not taken the full amount that month, due to my continuing query about the eight days. BT used to be top notch; it's time they tried to regain that position.

  tigertop2 11:30 25 Aug 2012

I guess BT's response depends on who you are lucky enough to catch on the day you complain

I am no great fan of BT but on reporting a BT phishing scam about 6 months ago they thanked me for giving them the web link and called me to say they were on the case. Trouble is they are dealing with hundreds of such scams every week. I think they are probably doing their best but it is not an easy problem to resolve.

  wee eddie 14:28 25 Aug 2012

I felt that I was being Public Spirited in identifying a Spammer that was pretending to be them.

Although polite throughout, they refused to give me the e-mail address which should have been easily available on their Website.

Their reply should have been: "Yes, of course, Sir. It is '[email protected]' Thank you Sir" ~ End of conversation.

  namtas 21:33 25 Aug 2012

You probably got to speak to someone who didn't know one existed.

  proudfoot 12:05 26 Aug 2012

BT are a communication company, but like most communication companies they do not make it simple to communicate with them. In fact if you have a problem they do not want to know, they want you to go to a FAQ page and sort their problem out yourself. I had a problem with the phone not working, but they said they had tested the line and it was working perfectly. When I persuaded them to send a linesman, he told me when I opened door, the line was broken before I had chance to speak to him. Cynical, yes but true.

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