BT price increase

  obbit 18:46 05 Jan 2005

Just heard this on Radio 2

click here

  961 19:23 05 Jan 2005

what a hoot

I just can't understand what BT is about these days

I'm on TELE2 and call my pal in Spain at 2.5p per minute

I'm on Freenetname for broadband

Both of these are substantially cheaper than BT

I suppose it's all down to inertia, and I can't think 6am to 8am would make much difference to me anyway

But why don't they seek to retain their customers, when you look at the investment in their infrastructure that all these other companies are using?

I just don't understand their business plan

  BJN 19:25 05 Jan 2005

Glad I've just signed up for Nildram Talk, a package available to Nidram Customers. For £4.99 all calls 24/7 are free to any UK landline for up to 2 hours per call. Greatly reduced international calls and calls to mobiles. details are available at

click here

Only have to pay BT for my line rental


  STREETWORK 19:35 05 Jan 2005

This is one of those subversive price increases. BT could save a fourtune if they stopped sending junk mail and had a basic price tarrif and basic billing, I get a headache every quarter. And do not forget the line rental, paid in advance. (who gets the interest???)

  beeuuem 22:38 05 Jan 2005

I've just spent 30 minutes talking to friends in NZ - cost 60p
I'm obliged to rent a BT line (no alternative in my area)but they make very little on my calls, they go via click here

  deke 00:10 06 Jan 2005

that i changed to talktalk a couple of months ago


  Mr Mistoffelees 07:17 06 Jan 2005

actually use the phone much between 6am & 8am on weekdays? I do so very very rarely.

  georgemac 12:37 06 Jan 2005

to TalkTalk - excellent so far - will seriously consider migrating to their bb service when my year is up.

  Modo 12:53 06 Jan 2005

Have you spotted the other disguised price increase. A late payment charge if you don't pay within a fixed time (7 days I think) of them sending out the red reminder.

Note it is sending out - not receipt!

  spuds 00:00 07 Jan 2005

If BT start implementing a late payment charge, the they want to make sure that the bills are sent out on time and the Royal Mail deliver on time. Perhaps another way in forcing people to pay by direct debit arrangements.

  picklsey 05:05 07 Jan 2005

not like bt to to find another way to get more money from us is it (hmm)while other providers are finding ways to reduce the cost.

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