BT pre-registration scheme: Your website needs you

  PC Advisor. 14:54 14 Apr 2003

Hi folks,

Is there anyone out there who has registered with BT's 'let's sniff out pockets of broadband demand?'

If so, what level has your trigger been set at and how close are you to hitting the trigger level?

Also, are any of you out there actively involved in any local campaigns to try and raise awareness of the pre-registration scheme and the importance of hitting the trigger.

(Apologies in advance to those of you who live in areas that haven't been picked up on BT's radar.)

  Murray 17:20 14 Apr 2003

I've done my bit and let BT know I'm interested in broadband in my area (Claverdon - just outside Warwick, c'mon guys, let's get ADSL!!)

I don't think there's much else I can do, short of marching thru the village asking ppl to register...

Of course a thread like this will increase peoples awareness - good one FE.

If you want to register your interest...
Go to BT Broadband site
click here

click on 'take me to BT broadband'
click here

Then check if you're number is ADSL enabled, if not you can register.

Hope this will help.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:13 14 Apr 2003

Sunny downtown Nailsworth-Sur-Mer needed 350 souls to sign on the dotted line for BB. BT knew that this was a large amount for the size of the place but we took the bull by the horns as it were.

There was a concerted campaign led by the worlds' best website ;-)) click here combined with blackmail, cajouling, violence, psychological warfare, a spamming campaign that made the Pr0n boys seem like amateurs, lewd suggestions and me offering to run along the A46, towards Bath, sans clothing, at midday.

On March 25th the trigger level was hit and BT kindly informed us that we get connected to the 21st century on June 25th and would I refrain from the sprint as their chairman + wife have a residence near here ;-))).

Leaflets, website (freebie will do) and spam emails are de rigueur if anyone wants to raise awareness of BB and it helps to mention that registering costs de nada, zippo, zilch, nowt whilst a stay in the local Hospital can be expensive.


  Sir Radfordin™ 19:00 14 Apr 2003

Well there we go, what a surprise! Go to check and see what the levels for the exchange are only to find that somehow BT have decided to make their minds up and Calne (yes I know you won't have heard of it) is to get Broadband.

Worryingly the 'initial' tests show my number is likely to get BB from mid-may...the worry is I don't know where the exchange is, but since we live a good mile outside the town I am expecting to be disapointed! Even BT can't be that kind to me can they??

Trigger levels had been around the 450 mark back in the new year.

  961 19:23 14 Apr 2003

Here in the Scottish Borders the only broadband likely to emerge is that organised by local businesses. Most of the local exchanges have very low numbers of "subscribers" and my own phone is far beyond the nominal distance from the exchange at which broadband could be expected to work.

Having said all that, I have to say that as a boring old fart subscriber to Freeserve anytime who has tweaked his modem connection the existing connection at £14.99 works well and I can't really complain at BT since they were good enough to replace the line from my house to the nearest distribution box when I was having trouble

  spuds 22:30 14 Apr 2003

Your link for the worlds best website doesn't seem to work on my Lineone-Tiscali-BT 56k connection (;o( Keeps reffering me to a multi choice selection !!.

  Murray 23:53 21 Apr 2003


  Pumas 00:22 22 Apr 2003

The trigger level for my exchange was set at 400 and I registered in September when the level was around 160.

The trigger was reached early this year and the exchange was upgraded last Wednesday.

One funny thing though: when BT said they were going to reduce trigger levels on many exchanges our trigger level was reduced to 350 - AFTER it had already been triggered at 400!

  Murray 23:42 10 Jun 2003

try click here

GANDALF <|:-)> - well done on getting BB finally, and getting your own article in PCA. good work.

one question. Which ISP offers the 'best' value for money/service in your area? (and I guess for ADSL in general)

  floozie 10:35 13 Jun 2003

I too live in the Borders - and I actually live in an enabled town.
My house is on the edge of this town - and my exchange is classified as the one in the village 2 miles away.

However - when a BT engineer called one day to see if I would be interested in satellite BB -(very expensive) he told me that I lived 1.2 Km from the enabled exchange and I should be able to get BB no problem.

I have called (and been passed around departments ad infinitum) - I have e-mailed - and been told that I can register my interest -

but NO ONE will tell me if I can or can not get BB because of my proximity to an enabled exchange.

My most recent set of e-mails to customer services asked this question very clearly -
and all they answered was - 'your exchange is not enabled yet' -
so I answered asking them if they could please answer my original question.

I'm not holding my breath - I've been asking this question for about a year.......
Anybody here know the answer?

  [email protected] 11:25 13 Jun 2003

what on earth happened to the Scottish new method of using the electric wires for broadband plus high speed?
Buried by BT interests?

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