BT is pathetic

  wee eddie 00:54 14 Mar 2012

They can't even deliver sufficient Bandwidth into a Town Centre residence to view a movie at midnight.

I'm sure that they will come up with some excuse or other, but it comes down to this.

Another respected British Institution has lost its balls.

  Input Overload 08:50 14 Mar 2012

Are you sure it's not your wireless connection, as most people I've met who have streaming issues are using wireless.

What bandwidth do you pay for?

'Another respected British Institution has lost its balls'

I don't use BT, as I use Virgin but that is simply untrue - An unsubstantiated rant is one way of putting it.

  wee eddie 09:38 14 Mar 2012

I'm hard wired.

I had a 2Mb connection which delivered consistently better speeds than my latest 20Mb Connection.

I did not expect 20Mb. They reckoned between 4.5 and 11Mb with an estimate of 7Mb.

The fastest I have ever achieved is 4.5Mb and usually it is below 1.5Mb which is less than I was getting when I had a 2Mb Connection.

The fact that it is below the connection speed delivered by a 2Mb Connection must mean that the problem is not internal. Equally, when they tested my Connection to get the 4.5 to 11Mb figures, the set-up was exactly as is now.

  Input Overload 09:51 14 Mar 2012

Point taken, you wont get consistent steaming with the speeds you report. You on ADSL?

  rdave13 10:00 14 Mar 2012

Depending when you got your upgrade , it can take three days to settle.

  interzone55 10:21 14 Mar 2012

There is only a finite amount of network capacity at the exchange, which is split between all users.

There is also only a finite amount of bandwidth at the datacentre that houses the streaming service.

I'm on a 10mb link, with a pretty steady 10mb connection, but sometimes when streaming movies from Lovefilm the stream pauses...

  Input Overload 10:45 14 Mar 2012

alan14, I use Love Film & I had a few buffering issues when streaming through my PS3, this was sorted totally by hard wiring the PS3 using a 'HomePlug'. It's now rock solid 24/7.

I have come to the conclusion that Amazon have a pretty good connection, I also feel Love Film will regret having me as a consumer now :-)

  morddwyd 11:25 14 Mar 2012

"I don't use BT, as I use Virgin"

Yes but for those in places of less than 4,000 inhabitants Virgin, and the other non-BT providers, this is not an option, as they only cherry pick the more profitable high population areas, leaving BT to pick up the remnants.

Not unnaturally, BT tend to concentrate their resources to those areas where they have competition.

No doubt when BT upgrade the network the other operators will leap in, using Ofcom rules to pick up a piece of the action.

For the record, I am with BT, advertised as 8 meg I rarely get more than 4, usually well below a frustrating 2.

  Input Overload 11:52 14 Mar 2012

'Yes but for those in places of less than 4,000 inhabitants Virgin, and the other non-BT providers, this is not an option'

  • I appreciate that - I don't understand your point though?

Although now many millions the option to use BT Infinity a fibre/copper alternative.

For the record though I live in a village with less that 200 inhabitants & get Virgin fibre. As I recall the ex Telewest/NTL system Virgin inherited had nothing to do with BT & cost a fortune to install.

I'm neither knocking BT or extolling Virgin here though -

I do however think you get what you pay for in life & some who could & choose not to upgrade to BT Infinity or Vigin fibre should not be surprised if their internet experience is not as fulfilling as those who pay £30 or more a month for the privilege.

We spend our money as we choose, that's what living in a free society is all about. I'm sure you do that as do I.

  Input Overload 11:54 14 Mar 2012

'I appreciate that - I don't understand your point though?'

Was meant to be in higher font size, I'm sorry about that.

  Strawballs 12:07 14 Mar 2012

I also use Virgin and pay the extra, but I bet wee eddie would love to be able to jump at the chance to upgrade to infinity as he said BT are aiming it's resources as a business would where they can make money.

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