BT Midband

  he he :-)™ 18:17 23 Mar 2003

Does any1 know how much BT Midband will cost?

  Newuser38 20:43 23 Mar 2003

see other thread click here not sure any one knows. Cant find anything on price on BT.Com

  powerless 20:53 23 Mar 2003

BT probably don't know how much to charge for it.
Until trials are over.

  Goldcroft 07:06 24 Mar 2003

He he: As you can see from my thread which newuser38 directed to you, BT's "information" is voluminous but not very informativel. General feeling is that it is probably not a good deal. Pity! May make a phone call to BT and try to get a human (if BT still has the species) to explain things. If I get anything worthwhile will report back.

  he he :-)™ 17:49 24 Mar 2003

oh thanks sorry i've not responded...i'll leave this unresolved for a while.

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