BT Master socket

  Graham. 23:46 06 Nov 2009

My friends telephone line is connected via a wall mounted bell, then to a small socket. This was all done by BT some 20 years ago.

I suspect this is causing problems with his broadband. I have advised that BT need to disconnect the bell and fit a NTE5.

As he is now with TalkTalk, how could this be done without incurring charges?

  rdave13 00:10 07 Nov 2009

Ask Talk Talk.

  spuds 19:13 07 Nov 2009

If they are having problems with the service, then contact Talk Talk about correcting the problem.

I had a problem with my broadband, and Tiscali got BT OpenReach to change the main socket, plus provide an independent line connection to the computer. My second main concern was with a 30/40 year old hard copper cable and new cable connection on the exterior of the property. BT checked this and stated that it was ok, but I still have my doubts.

  Graham. 23:00 07 Nov 2009

Your response must have caused you 20 minutes of anguish. I wish we all had your insight into the problems we face today.

  Binnacle 09:50 08 Nov 2009

Just as a matter of interest ,I recently had new plastic bargeboards and soffits fitted and found it necessary to have the overhead phone line moved to a fixing on the brickwork. The new connection has resulted in a noticeable increase to my broadband speed. I imagine that stripping back the cables and connecting to a newer type of fixing resulted in a cleaner connection.
Openreach did charge me, from memory ,in the region of £140

  spuds 18:51 08 Nov 2009

Any form of corrosion or poor jointing will most likely cause some form of problem, and I think in your case,that you may have proved the point.

When the BT OpenReach engineer checked the system, he stated that it was 'within limits', plus to change the short length of old solid copper cable, it was another persons job with the appropriate equipment. He also mentioned that if the public was to see what was below ground, with new matching old, they would be shocked!.

  Input Overload 20:41 08 Nov 2009

I think my phone system was fitted by BT 30 years ago & I had speed issues with Zen & Sky. When BT came out they refused even to fit a master socket. I was getting speeds of .5 from 2 a year or so.

When Virgin offered me fibre & to be free of BT totally I joined up. I was glad to see the back of BT, I got a call a couple of weeks ago from BT asking if I wanted to return & I told them a few home truths, needless to say I don't think they will call again. I have nothing but total contempt for BT. I now get a constant 48 day & night, & I can hear what people are saying on the phone again.

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