BT Late Payment Fee

  User-B4AC5E45-C5DF-44A7-80B2B7B8113A6C82 15:11 30 Sep 2010

Is it legal for BT to add £7.50 to a bill for £19.50 just for missing their deadline for payment by about a day or so?

  961 15:26 30 Sep 2010

What do their terms and conditions say about charges for late payment?

I haven't read the small print but even if it states that they will apply a late payment charge IS IT LEGAL?

  onthelimit 15:39 30 Sep 2010

Most companies will charge a significant amount for late payment. Set up Direct Debit then it will never be late (or if it is, it's not your fault!).

I've switched to TalkTalk with DirectDebit, I'm merely curious as to the legality of stinging customers with "Late Payment" fees. Banks and Credit Card companies had their knuckles rapped for their extortionate "Late Payment" fees. It seems to me that a charge of approx. 40% on a bill of £19 is also extortionate.

  onthelimit 15:48 30 Sep 2010

Yes, I don't say I agree with it (far from it), but it happens. Banks are still charging a heafty whack for late payment/ unexpected overdrafts.

I guess it was an easy way of reducing the amount that THEY OWED me on cancelling the BB contract.
Still sneaky though.

  961 15:59 30 Sep 2010

Yes, I'm afraid it is

  Mike D 12:36 01 Oct 2010

As 961 says, it is legal. They send out bills well in advance of the due date and your part of the contract with them is to pay by the due date, not after.

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