BT Landline Out of Order

  Border View 22:53 08 Aug 2011

My BT landline went out of order on 27th July. With the exception of a couple of days 30th and 31st July I have had no connection either landline nor broadband since. In fact the whole of my village has been cut off.

To get online I have utilized my Three mobile broadband dongle.

But what recompense can I expect from BT/Openreach for having no landline for nearly two weeks. It is pointless telephoning helpline because we simply receive misinformation. I am too polite to call it lies. I have no information when my landline will be restored. My ISP is o2.

  spuds 23:12 08 Aug 2011

If o2 provide both your services, then its them you will need to contact. There should be something in your contract about service failures and possible compensation if it applies?.

With regards to the lost service via BT lines, a village near to where I live as had similar problems the other week. This was caused through the underground cables being stolen one night. Took BT and their contractors about three/four days to resume normal service to the people who had been disconnected.

  Border View 07:47 09 Aug 2011

Hi spuds,

BT provide landline. o2 my ISP.

BT were blaming theft of cable from our village. But I don't believe them. I think they are replacing the cable with fibre optic and using theft of cable as an excuse for loss of service.

The County Council who run the Warden Control system and look after 450 elderly and infirm people in the village told me that three weeks ago they had the same situation in two nearby villages and four weeks ago in another village.

I shall contact o2 because our exchange is LLU and o2 must have a lot of unhappy customers.

  morddwyd 08:24 09 Aug 2011

If BT are alleging theft when theft did not take place you should take any evidence to the police, as they are obviously wasting police time.

They may also be trying to defraud their insurance company.

OFCOM may also be interested in such grossly improper activities.

  interzone55 10:50 09 Aug 2011


BT are suffering a lot of losses from cable theft, so I would tend to believe them on this.

If a lot of cable has gone, and other equipment damaged it may take a long time to repair, and may not be a priority if they're upgrading the exchange to fibre...

  ronalddonald 13:47 09 Aug 2011

thank goodness i left bt and talk talk for Virgin

  woodchip 13:59 09 Aug 2011

thank goodness i left bt and talk talk for Virgin

what the hells that got to do with losing a land line

  interzone55 14:22 09 Aug 2011


what the hells that got to do with losing a land line

To be fair to ronalddonald, who's posts don't always make a lot of sense, this post does have some relevance.

Using Virgin is the only way to completely cut BT out of the picture with regards to land line phones. With Virgin no part of your line goes through the BT network, so if the local exchange is knocked out by cable thieves you still are unaffected. If you're on virgin fibre it's even better, as fibre has no scrap value...

  natdoor 15:06 09 Aug 2011

I cannot see why BT would need to disconnect copper landlines while installing fibre to the cabinet (FTTC). There have been a few cases of cable theft in my vicinity.

  woodchip 16:45 09 Aug 2011

What about us who do not have Cable? Virgin ex ntl I used to be with ntl on a land line but it would not have stopped what append.

PS BT have layed 20 meg Optical Cable where I live but still limited to 8Meg until they change it

  Border View 17:39 10 Aug 2011

I have spoken to the Police and they have confirmed that theft of cable did happen. BT replaced the cable and it was stolen the following day.

Here we are two weeks on and I am still without a landline.

Unless I use my mobile and telephone BT I receive no information regarding re-connection. They have my landline number which is currently transferred to my mobile.

What really burns me up is BT have asked for my e-mail address so they can keep me updated. How on earth do they expect me to access my e-mails when I have no landline, thus broadband.

As it is I have had to spend money topping up my mobile broadband dongle to use my laptop to access the internet.

No compensation is payable because the outage is beyond the control of BT.

It would be nice to have Virgin but they are not in our area.

Having spoken to a senior representative of BT yesterday I am told everything should be mended by Friday. Frustrating that BT have so much control.

I still firmly believe that after all this fibre optic cable will be in situ.

Thank you all for responding.

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