BT, it's you who needs the wake-up call......

  Stuartli 12:02 23 Dec 2006

The postman delivered a card today emblazoned on the front in large type with the words: "Your wake-up call, Mr Xxxxxx."

The reverse implores me to return to the BT fold rather than "stick with eye-watering full-price bills from your current phone company.

"It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. You could save pounds just by calling us now."

So what am I missing? Well a year's free UK evening and weekend calls it seems for just the cost of the £11 line rental. After that you pay £14.95 a month to complete the 18 month contract laid down.

There are also 100 free landline texts, up to 20 per cent discount with Friends and Family Auto Update and BT Privacy at no extra cost.

I'm then advised to take advantage of BT's best phone offer to date.

So why am I not picking up the phone to dial BT with indecent haste?

Simple really. Up to April this year I was paying BT £11 for line rental, Tiscali £14.99 a month for 2MB broadband and One.Tel about £3 to £4 a month for phone calls (usually 0870 or similar numbers and daytime calls).

However, since switching to the TalkTalk3 International package, all my local and 01 and 02 national calls are free at any time plus free international calls to 28 countries, the £11 BT line rental charge is incorporated and I get a very reliable 2MB broadband connection.

The price of all these benefits? Just £20.99 a month.

So perhaps, BT, it's time for you to pay attention to your own wake-up call and realise that more and more people are taking advantage of TalkTalk and similar companies' phone and line rental packages and enjoying the financial savings.

You'd also save the printing and postage costs of mailing postcards offering inferior services and higher costs to your former customers.

  [email protected] 19:58 23 Dec 2006

i pay nearly £80 a month for, free evening and weekend calls, bt bb talk which sometimes works for hours on end, an internet connection which sometimes works for an hour, 8 meg which runs at 1.8, a free bb talk circa 1980 clour screen phone, a bt home hub, which sometimes works for months (rarely), absolutely no phone support, a bb help icon that advises me to reboot, no paperbills or internet details of why i pay £80, and not the quoted £39, no reponse to letters of complaint, tons of yahoo spyware, and pay as you learn lessons in urdu! OH YES I KNOW A GOOD DEAL WHEN I SEE ONE!!!
merry xmas all

  g0nvs 22:08 23 Dec 2006

Why do these packages have to be so complicated ????

  Input Overload 00:34 24 Dec 2006

I left BT for Toucan a couple of years ago, all UK land line calls are free for an all in price of £20 a month. BT's price structure with friends & family, best friend etc is far too complicated, I've not missed BT for a moment.

  Stuartli 10:02 24 Dec 2006

I once thought of switching to Toucan until I realised it was a Virtual ISP and using Tiscali's internet and phone packages...:-)

It's now been bought up by Pipex, an excellent ISP.

Even so your £20 fee is now looking mean compared with the TalkTalk package....:-)

  Forum Editor 10:18 24 Dec 2006

to another supplier from BT broadband.

  oresome 11:46 24 Dec 2006

"Why do these packages have to be so complicated ????"

To avoid easy price comparison and confuse the punter.

And the marketing department can always claim that they are the cheapest provider under a carefully selected set of circumstances.

  Colin 11:57 24 Dec 2006

I'm with the FE on this one. I've been with BT since dialup and now broadband. I have had a couple of hiccups with them, but, in 9 years, I don't think that's too bad.

I agree that ther packages can be confusing, but BT isn't the only one guilty of that!

  Kate B 12:54 24 Dec 2006

I need to do some looking at phone packages - I hardly use my landline, it's all the mobile or Skype - and I'm sure I could find a cheaper deal. I'm not about to move from Pipex, though.

  Tim1964 17:06 24 Dec 2006

I use to pay

BT line rental £11.
BT free eve/WE calls £6
ISP 1Mbps £18

Total £35 month


BT line rental (no alternative (yet!!) £11
Free eve/WE calls £0
ISP 5Mbps £5
Total £16 month

So, saving £228 a year. Yes I know it will disappear into the bottomless pit that is my bank account but still a happy bunny.

  jakimo 18:09 24 Dec 2006

The phone package you using sounds very good value,Ive had a look in the BT update book but there's nothing near the figures you quote, can you post more detail please?

best regards

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