onthelimit1 09:00 02 Aug 2012

My local exchange - Baschurch - has rolled out infinity to a local village (some 3 months ago). A new BT manhole has appeared outside my house and engineers have been laying fibre optic cables locally. Samknows says BT are taking orders for Baschurch, but inputting my postcode/phone number leads to 'not available'.

Nowhere on the BT site nor Openreach have I been able to find a planned date for my area. Does anyone have any ideas on how I may find out?

  tullie 15:02 02 Aug 2012

Have you checked the BT website for info?

  woodchip 15:43 02 Aug 2012

Same hear near me they put Optic cable in about 8 months ago, but its connected to the copper cables some how

  onthelimit1 15:44 02 Aug 2012

Yes - useless! Even spoke to an 'operative' who couldn't say. Seems amazing to me as the plans must be made (probably by Openreach, I guess).

  spuds 16:22 02 Aug 2012

This is often the case, that BT will not give a date until they are certain, and that's possibly why the 'operative' knows nothing about it.

About half a mile from where I live, BT have been doing quite a bit of 'manhole' work. On asking, I was told, "some for new optics, other for replacement of stolen cables"!.

  spuds 16:25 02 Aug 2012

Should have added,also told "optics have very little value to thieves, coppers being removed constantly".

So it might be in the interest for BT to convert quicker?.

  onthelimit1 17:22 02 Aug 2012


That sounds like Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) - in that case, it remains copper from the cabinet to individual properties. The other way is where the fibre optic 'cable' goes all the way to the subscriber - faster speeds, usually.

  Forum Editor 23:00 02 Aug 2012

BT seems to play it cagey when asked for dates - in my area I was given three separate dates for the availability if Infinity, all of which came and went. In the end I was suddenly told, when making a telephone enquiry that 'you can have it now'.

Give BT a call, and ask a direct question.

  interzone55 06:59 03 Aug 2012

BT Infinity involves the positioning of new street cabinets, these require planning permission.

So when the operative says they've no idea when the installation will happen it's quite possibly because they really have no idea

  Forum Editor 08:07 03 Aug 2012


Planning consent takes a few weeks at most. In my case BT moved the availability dates twice, involving a delay of over a year.

  morddwyd 08:45 03 Aug 2012

I've been promised (via the website and input postcode) October.

Time will tell.

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