BT Infinity speed increase

  Al94 00:24 12 Apr 2012
  spuds 09:02 12 Apr 2012

I wonder just how many people will be affected by this 'upgrade', and how many will not?.

Nearly every month I receive marketing mail from BT about returning back to their fold, and I also receive the same amount of marketing mail from Virgin regarding their fibre-optic speeds and services.

With my present ISP, I suppose to be on a 'upto' 20MB package, but due to the present old BT infrastructure, I can only receive about 25% of what I supposedly should perhaps receive?.

I recall the days of dial-up, when we were told that speeds at the very lower end, was the only thing that the services could supply, but of cause, broadband as improved considerably since those dark slow days. Perhaps the government promises of higher speeds, and everyone 'will have' access to broadband, is not far off the horizon for at least some in the not to distant future?.

  Salut 09:54 12 Apr 2012

Spuds, I totally agree. I too had a recent letter from BT suggesting that I return to them and gain speeds 'upto 15MB'.

An email to my current provider, O2, confirm that the best available in this part of Chester is 1.9MB. They point out that until BT upgrade the ancient cabling 1.9MB is all I can get.

Curiously, a neighbour who does use BT has an average speed of 1.6MB and has been told by BT, quote, 'that's good for round here!'

Once again, ISP's seem to be able to promise whatever they dream up and deliver b+gger all!

  wiz-king 20:08 12 Apr 2012

I have BT infinity for one of my broadband connections, they told me I would get 34MB and I normally get 38MB only dropping to 34MB at peak times.

Dont compare optical speeds with twisted pair, both BT and Virgin optical fibres give me very good speed and both give what they say.

With twisted pair I can only just get 1MB as I am so far from the exchange and on some very old cables paper insulated in mostly underwater ducting even in this dry weather.

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