Is BT Infinity as good as it would seem?.

  spuds 11:09 14 Oct 2015

BT are often contacting me about their special promotional deals, in the respect that I was once a loyal customer of theirs, and they now want to return the favour!.

One product that seems to be on offer on a regular basis is BT Infinity. I admit that I have only had a swift look into this product and went no further.

So question, is BT Infinity is as good that BT suggests, or is it just another product that will have it sell by date very soon?.

A friend as just gone from Virgin to BT Infinity, and so far he as had nothing but problems, that BT are trying to fix. One particular problem is that is television service is all messed up, and he as now had to purchase and install amplifiers into the television system. I know nothing of this, or whether it BT's fault, but perhaps a forum member might have a few answers?.

  HondaMan 11:57 14 Oct 2015

Problems with BT are very well known. Just google BT supportor check out the Which? reviews.

If you want fast broadband, try Plusnet.

  HondaMan 12:13 14 Oct 2015

Yes it is, more or less, but there service from them is second to none. Ridiculous I know, but the reviews speak for themselves.

  Jollyjohn 13:29 14 Oct 2015

I too can recommend Plusnet

  Govan1x 14:20 14 Oct 2015

If you get 50mb deal from Virginmedia that is exactly what you get. Now that is being connected by Cable.

Free speed upgrades are rolling out. So my 50Mb will go up to 75Mb. I think those on 150mb go up to 200Mb.

worth a look if you are thinking of jumping ship.

  Forum Editor 14:28 14 Oct 2015

Like toejams I work on a BT Infinity connection, and I wouldn't use anyone else. The connection is lightning fast and extremely reliable; I have not had a single problem with it since I started.

I've been a BT broadband customer since the day they first launched the service, and in all those years I have never had to complain about anything.

  spuds 16:50 14 Oct 2015

I like how this post as gone from a question about BT Infinity to other ISP'S or a particular broadband speed.

Like I stated earlier, the friend of mine went from their original long term supplier to BT Infinity of promises being made. BT engineer's have spent an awful lot of time in trying to iron out all the problems, and have still left with problems pending. Apparently they know there is a problem ,but haven't yet come up with a positive solution.

The thing that I cannot understand, is how my friends television reception was perfect in the past with Virgin (possible due to cable), but is no longer stable with BT, to the point he as now had to place signal amplifiers into the TV system. The other point that required an awful lot of work by BT, was the changing of the old cable, because apparently it was no longer capable of supporting the BT Infinity service. This was another thing that he was never told about, and wasn't actually found out, until BT commenced their contract with him.

  spuds 10:44 15 Oct 2015


He's already gone that route, but what he was more concerned about, was changing from his previous ISP to BT Infinity,on a promise that it would be far better, then having a number of problems, some of which still need sorting out by BT.

  Forum Editor 09:15 16 Oct 2015

There will always be people who experience problems with suppliers, but that doesn't mean that the product or service involved is suspect.

The answer to the question in your thread title is yes, it certainly is as far as I am concerned, and I imagine that large numbers of other Infinity users would say the same thing. Your friend has experienced problems at the beginning, but I'm sure these will be resolved. BT Infinity is a fast broadband service, and I don't see how it can be responsible for your friend's TV being "all messed up".

  spuds 10:34 16 Oct 2015

"Your friend has experienced problems at the beginning, but I'm sure these will be resolved."

That may well be the case, but I don't quite think that my friend as your high confidence with BT at the moment, because at present they know there is a problem, and so far they are unable to resolve it, and they have admitted that!.

With regards to the 'messed up' television, then again, perhaps it might have been best for him to have stuck with Virgin. But that was his choice, I am only asking a question, and passing on what I have been told.

He chose to move to BT Infinity on promises made, and so far, those promises have not been met. Out of curiosity, I have just found this on a Google search, which in parts sounds very similar to what my friend is experiencing click here

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