BT Infinity Broadband speeds low

  JosephLolmaster 20:49 15 Dec 2015

I have BT Broadband, for which I pay for Infinity. Recently I have noticed a drop in speeds, as when I first got the package, I had a realistic chance of getting 30-35 mbits a second download and 15-17mbits a second upload, which are pretty fast. Now I get 17 mbits a second upload and 4 mbits a second upload. I don't know whether BT are slowing me down over time or because I turn the router off when I don't need it.

Regards Joseph

  Nontek 23:05 15 Dec 2015

I advise that you stop turning off the router, as this is in effect simply resetting it each time. The router needs time to settle down to get regular good speeds, this settling down can take up to ten days, permanently switched on. I too have BT Infinity and never turn off my router, I regularly gets speeds around 72 Mbps.

  alanrwood 10:38 16 Dec 2015

Routers are not designed to be switched off every night. They consume negligible power. Also as above the line speed is automatically monitored by your ISP and eventually settles down to a reliable speed for your system. Switching off resets this si it starts again the next time you switch on.

  iscanut 15:00 16 Dec 2015

I have recently moved to BT Infinity and was guaranteed a minimum download speed of 27Mbps. Am only getting 22Mbps so opened up an online chat session, they checked and agreed speed was an issue and a fault raised with local engineers with a completion date of rectifying problem of 18th Dec. We shall see, but try an online chat session with BT.

  spuds 13:09 22 Dec 2015


Did you get the BT Infinity speed rectified and completed by 18th December?.

  iscanut 14:16 22 Dec 2015

Yes, sorted out on time. Now getting just over the guaranteed minimum.

  Forum Editor 14:25 22 Dec 2015

I also advise against turning your Infinity router off at night - it will result in your connection speed being recalibrated.

If you ask BT you will be advised to leave your router turned on at all times. I have a BT Infinity Plus connection at home, and the router has never been turned off. Very occasionally it drops the connection and goes through the reset procedure. I assume that means its software has been updated remotely and it has rebooted.

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