BT Homecomputing Scheme

  Maltman 21:11 10 Oct 2005

My employer has negotiated a deal with BT Homecomputing. The offer is a dell dimension 5100 with the following specs:

Intel® Pentium 4 3.4GHz
1024MB RAM
ATI Radeon X600™ Hypermemory with 256MB shared memory and TV out & DVI
200 GB Hard Drive
19in TFT screen
Onboard Sound with Dell A425 Speakers
7 USB 2.0 ports (front) 2x serial ATA

I would lease it for £13.37 a month over a 36 month period - total of £481.32. At the end of the lease, I send it back at my expense or buy it for 5% of the intial value.

Does anyone have any experience of this scheme or any views on the deal.


  mike1967 21:19 10 Oct 2005

Seems a bargin to me

  Jackcoms 21:55 10 Oct 2005

Bite their hand off!!

Can I have 6 as well, please??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:04 10 Oct 2005

People have killed for less...bite+hand+off.


  Maltman 22:23 10 Oct 2005

Thanks guys - I'm still looking for the catch!

  ahales42 22:42 10 Oct 2005

this is a government scheme where the money comes off your salary before tax and ni. this makes it around a third cheaper. my company has a similar scheme with pc world.

  josie mayhem 22:57 10 Oct 2005

The only catch I can see, is that if you still want to own a computer after 3 years you have two choices either send that one back and buy a new computeror pay up the outstanding money.

A work colleauge husband brought there computer via the governnment/work scheme, and they've been very happy with it.

  Access genu 23:12 10 Oct 2005

qith a quick look on the Dell site, you are been offered a £1000 PC. So it is about half price.

Yes id take the offer!

  spuds 23:49 10 Oct 2005

As a suggestion, check the warranty terms and conditions and who is the actual finance provider, as you may find that a third party or offshoot company is involved with this scheme. I would also suggest that there could be certain conditions if you leave the company before the lease time is completed [can you return the computer without any penalties being applied, before the 3 years have expired.Allowances may have to be made for this].These schemes and leasing arrangements are all to do with certain vat and tax concessions plus incentive allowances, which can get very complicated to the unwary.I know this may never have anything to do with your situation, but leasing an item is totally different from other finance arrangements, and this includes 'snatch backs'. Apologies for perhaps offering some cynical comment,but all these things could be relevant and worth consideration.

  Stuartli 23:59 10 Oct 2005

Spuds is probably right by expressing a degree of caution but, even so, all things considered, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

  Forum Editor 00:20 11 Oct 2005

if you could call it that, is that in 3 years time the computer will not seem like such a bargain. It will be wildly under-specified when compared to the machines we'll be using then, and you must bear in mind that legally you will not own the computer until you pay the 5% of the initial value, whatever that is. The terms of the contract will almost certainly include a clause to the effect that you will not fiddle inside the case, and so you won't be able to upgrade - at the end of the 3 year period you'll be looking to get a new computer.

Having said all that, the leasing deal is very good, given the machine spec, and there is the advantage you'll gain if the payments are indeed deducted from your salary before tax. On balance I think I might go for it.

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