BT Fail to deliver

  obbit 17:25 13 Jun 2005

My Mum ordered broadband from BT. Date for delivery and activation today 13.6.2005. The modem failed to arrive so she is on the phone now cancelling.

Well done BT. Another one lost.

  HondaMan 17:52 13 Jun 2005

Whats the point. OK, so they're a day late. By the time you get all that you need from someone else. BT's will have arrived and you could have been on BB a few days quicker. Chill out!

  obbit 18:04 13 Jun 2005

It's just took an hour on the phone speaking to 3 people to cancel. Why is BT so unhelpful? Do they really want any customers? If Mum had a choice of provider she would cancel the phone too.

It's different when they want anything like payments.

  Snec 19:03 13 Jun 2005

It is not just BT is it?

Customer service standards are at an all time low thoughout. As above .. chill .. This is the UK 2005.

  wiz-king 19:17 13 Jun 2005

it comes by post. I have just had two BB lines fitted and it was a bit brinkmanship if the modem arrived on time, BT were so fast and the post office slow.

  sicknote 19:25 13 Jun 2005

My modem was not delivered on time or so I thought, found out 2 days later it was delivered to a neighbour as I was out !!!
As Wiz king says check with the post first !!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:41 13 Jun 2005

Why not wait a day or two? You will now have to wait 10 days for another provider. Cutting your nose off to spite your face. You are the one who loses out as I think BT will not miss your custom. Not all the world is McDonald's. You need to see Dr. Relax and take a Chill Pill. Little bit silly./eyes raise


  [email protected]@ 19:49 13 Jun 2005

It will be you loss in the end,why not just wiat a day or so as others have said.You're over-reacting to a minor problem.

  obbit 19:55 13 Jun 2005

She received a letter this morning from BT. They are under the misapprehension she has cancelled her direct debit payments.

She will have to phone them for another hour just to inform them she still wishes to pay by direct debit. She will no doubt have to speak to a whole series of people including some with an accent that is hard to understand.

They really are so incompetent.

  J33 19:44 14 Jun 2005

I am in employee of BT though not directly related in work to BB I frequently hear of the complantes made against BT. Delevires are not the responsablilty of BT they are dependant on other companys. Bt cant really be held responsabl for failure to deliver on time However ith a BB connection of 2 Mb for £19 its worth the wait.

  mahalo 21:26 14 Jun 2005

I have to say I have BT broadband with router modem supplied by them and delivery was excellent. I also ordered a printer at 15.58 and it came the next day. I am a satisfied customer, I am sorry you are having problems. Cheers

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