BT exchange problem

  zincy 17:13 07 Oct 2005

hey there

Im having problems getting access to braodband. The problem seems to be my BT line, which the previous owner had is too far away from the exchange. But after further investigation i have found out that other people living in my block of flats has 2mb line, so this is not the area thats the problem. I have called up bt to ask if they can do anything, and all they tell me is to wait, however i was wondering will i be takin a gamble by opening up a new bt line? anybody else has the same problem? or what are my options?
many thnaks

  Forum Editor 17:34 07 Oct 2005

Wait for what? Either the line is suitable for a broadband service or it's not, and they can tell you that immediately.

There's no cast-iron certainty that just because others in the same building have a broadband line, you can - it depends on individual line quality. Having said that, I would be astonished if a single line in a multi-line building was unsuitable, when other people have a connection and I would want some answers from BT if they tried to tell me that.

  zincy 17:47 07 Oct 2005

i can have 512k, but to have faster speed they told me to wait until an upgrade whenever that maybe.
I know its not absolute that i can have faster speed just because other people in the block has it.
I dunno if others got a new line, but i find this bit unfair, when they told me it's just the way the line is wired.

  Jackcoms 18:16 07 Oct 2005

click here will tell you how far you are from your local exchange and the maximum BB speed capacity of that exchange.

  zincy 18:37 07 Oct 2005

it says my nearest exchange is poplar, and i maybe able to get speeds of 2mb.
Even though i am 2.23km away from the exchange, the actual length of my line is 7km.
So i guess it's my line problem, maybe a new line can fix this?

  CurlyWhirly 11:12 08 Oct 2005

[quote] So i guess it's my line problem, maybe a new line can fix this?[/quote]

I don't think a new line will make any difference as if you are too far from the exchange (in your case 7km), you can't really do much about it apart from moving house!

  Forum Editor 11:53 08 Oct 2005

what counts is the line length, not the actual 'crow flies' distance from the exchange. Many phone lines twist and turn on their way to a building, and this can increase the total length considerably.

A new line will not make a bit of difference if its length is still roughly the same.

  smarteeez 01:30 19 Nov 2005

Hi there,

I got the same problem and here's the output from click here

BT ADSL broadband availability
You are connected to the New Southgate (LNNWS) telephone exchange.

Your exchange is enabled for ADSL!
There is limited capacity at your exchange for further ADSL connections.

The following level of service is available at your location:

You cannot receive 2Mbps ADSL
You cannot receive 1Mbps ADSL
You can receive 512Kbps ADSL
You can receive 256Kbps ADSL

You are approximately 1.11km from the exchange (straight line distance).

Your BT ADSL code is: RGEC

BT blames it on the quality of the line or distance from the exchange. Cannot believe the latter as you can see my straight line distance is only 1.11km so even though it's not straight line I can't believe it would exceed 3km. Anyway, my neighbours have all got 2MB.

Any suggestions?

  Forum Editor 06:54 19 Nov 2005

The clue might be in the information that: "There is limited capacity at your exchange for further ADSL connections."

It looks as though BT may have a bandwidth problem on the exchange, and they are limiting new connections to conserve what they have available.

  anskyber 09:35 19 Nov 2005

Would it make any difference I wonder if BTs own BB service was chosen given FEs comments or am I cynical?

  paddyjack 22:19 19 Nov 2005

In my experience BT seem to have all sorts of caps on lines one person can receive 2MB and next door they can not. It would also seem to be which ISP you are useing.

My own experience is that neighbours either side of my with BT as their ISP can get a full 2MB, but me with a different ISP can only get a max 512 still fighting with my ISP about it.

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