BT downlaod limts.

  AccessMoron 16:56 26 Feb 2005

Three weeks ago I upgraded my BT broadband (not Yahoo!) to the 1mb because of the 30Gb download limit @ £28.99, I was originally going to go to 1mb BTYahoo, because i thought that this was the only BT product that offered the 30Gb limit.

However i was ensured by there operator that the 30Gb limit was also on the 1mb BTbroadband.

Last week i recived a letter from BT explaing there terms and conditions, apparantly i am now paying 24.99, will soon be upgraded to 2 mb, bit i only have a 15Gb limit.

I called BT this morning and was told that they nolonger sold the 1Mb with 30Gb download. and i could no longer have it.

Now what i want to know, after 3 weeks of the contract can i sue BT for breach of crontact over this?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:20 26 Feb 2005

No you cannot sue, there is a clause in the contract that will state 'terms and conditions may be changed at any time', or words to that effect. Even if you could 'sue' BT can afford Barristers and they cost £1500/day.

15Gb is more than enough for most people. May one enquire what are you downloading that would get to more than 15Gb/month?


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:43 26 Feb 2005

If i were you i would change internet providers straight away.

Go for tiscali £25 for 1mb which is what you had and no setup at the modem.

I hate restrictions on bandwidth even if it is 2000GB it is still a restriction,and i don't like it.

  AccessMoron 22:49 26 Feb 2005

Ok i download (leagaly) Microsoft software. Which incluesed Office, cerver platfomst, development software etc. I need the 30 bg limit

  AccessMoron 22:52 26 Feb 2005

Gandalf, is this not an unfair contract! I agree to terms on on day and then 2 weeks later they change the terms, without recorse to me!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:58 26 Feb 2005

Downloading microsft office and devoloping software ect is ilegally as it breaches copyright as it would (C) movie content.

  AccessMoron 23:02 26 Feb 2005

Not if you have the right license

  apatia77 23:14 26 Feb 2005

Ive been with BT Broadband for 2 years now and believe or not but I download at least 50GB a month (anything I can really find , lots of game demos, lots of game movies etc, I`m a subscriber at and they provide so many interesting large files) there`s so many things you can download.

I canceled my BT Broadband 2 months ago though it`s still working. I gave them another call today because I don`t want to make any problems downloading so much, I was told that I won`t be charged for using BT Broadband for the last 2 months and that it should have stoped working 2 months ago but they don`t know why it did not. Well happy end for me I guess. I`m ready to go now for a new connection with Pipex once my broadband stops working (I hope this time it will).

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 23:29 26 Feb 2005


where do you get this 'right license' then?

sounds good!

  AccessMoron 23:33 26 Feb 2005

Yes, every one can have it, i thing that the company pays something like £1200 per seat per year for the pivallage

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 23:40 26 Feb 2005

Who exactly pays this?

Microsoft would demand much more than this though

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