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  It's Me 18:50 19 Sep 2003

This is a complaint against PC Advisor itself.
I cannot find an EMail address to write to and 'phone calls are too expensive so I am reduced to trying this place to complain.
I don't think that it was a good idea to get mixed up with the den of incompetents at BT.
I am trying to buy copies of 'build you own computer' mentioned on your web site.
I carefully went through the rigmarole of registering with this, and after a few attempts succeeded. Then I attempted to buy the aforesaid articles and was immediately told to wait a minute. After some 10 minutes, and I hasten to add, 4 attempts over 3 days at this with same result, I have got nowhere, and most certainly have not been able to order them.
Incidentally, just in case you think that I am an occasional user, I do subscribe to the mag and have done for some time. This is just annoying and I would have thought, with all your experience of watching and reporting on BT's mess of Internet work, that you would have had more sense than to use them for a sensitive issue such as sales. What is going on.

  antoni34 19:32 19 Sep 2003

I know that it sounds sad - BUT - I used it during the last series of Big Brother with no problem at all !!!

  Forum Editor 00:18 20 Sep 2003

that you've experienced problems. I'm also sorry to see that you've chosen to call BT a "den of incompetents". Quite why you feel it's necessary to be so scathing I'm not sure, and I would have thought it was pretty easy to spot the 'Contact' link at the bottom of this page.

In any event, I have just checked, and verify that the BT Click and buy service is functioning perfectly. Yours is the first complaint we've had in the forum about the service, and I wonder if perhaps you have taken the trouble to phone the BT help number that's clearly displayed when you register for the service?

I suggest that you do that, and come back here (or email me) if you still have any problem. To email me, just click the 'contact moderator' link in the yellow bar at the bottom of your thread.

  Forum Editor 00:26 20 Sep 2003

that you have emailed me. You found the address after all.

  Forum Editor 16:09 20 Sep 2003

it seems that it wasn't our fault (or BT's) at all.

It's Me has emailed me to say that the "den of incompetents" at BT identified the Opera browser that It's me was using as being the culprit. Since using IE It's Me has had no problems.

So it seems that despite the fact that we should have had more sense than to use them for a sensitive issue such as sales, BT came up trumps in the end.

  It's Me 14:31 21 Sep 2003

But surely BT should have made certain that its system would work with any Browser not just the 'Gates' model. I do not have any problems with any other sites, including banking on line. Other delicate web sites are fooled by Opera being configured to faking itself to look like IE, but not, apparently, BT. BT has no right to expect its customers to only use IE.
I'm sorry, but I cannot accept that BT is not at fault, and thereby yourselves for using them instead of dealing with your trading direct, thereby saving all the hassle of the registation, and, in my case, long winded problems.

  -pops- 15:16 21 Sep 2003

As you are convinced that the fault is with BT, you should direct your ire at them.

I would respectfully suggest that you keep a watch on your blood pressure as well.

  agribee 16:26 21 Sep 2003

Nothing to do with It`s Me.
I found it was not possible to use the BT service to purchase Tips and Tricks, and that the use of `C&B` was limited to payment for reprints of magazine articles. Someone seems to be missing an opportunity to promote the service, or sell some goods.

  Forum Editor 17:13 21 Sep 2003

You can buy Tips and Tricks here, on the site. Click the link at top left of this page.

As for It's me, and his rant about BT - I agree with -pops- that it might be better to have a go at them, rather than constantly insulting us in our own forum.

  It's Me 22:05 21 Sep 2003

As the man said, watch the blood pressure. Most certainly BT isn't worth it. Perhaps we shouldn't grumble at all then.
I'll not bother any more, but I really can't tick the "resolved" box.

  agribee 23:42 08 Oct 2003

Dear Forum Editor, My point is that I cannot pay for the goods using the BT system. This would appear to require action by PC Advisor, for the order details are asking for credit card numbers. I completed the BT applications just for the purpose of buying the `Tips &c.` I have since bought a copy via a credit card, but would have found it more convenient to have the cost bundled with other credit card charges.
From Agribee.

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