BT changes times for cheap evening calls...

  961 09:38 26 Jan 2010
Locked well as jacks up call rates and "set-up" fees.

From April 1st cheap evening rates at BT will start at 7pm instead of 6pm, and end at 7am instead of 6am

Daytime call charges and set up fees will also rise

  birdface 10:21 26 Jan 2010

As far as I have been informed I do hear that o2 is going to start there own Home Phones installations as well as mobiles that may shake a few of the others that think they can charge as much as they like because customers cannot go elsewhere.

  birdface 10:23 26 Jan 2010

Found this.

click here

  morddwyd 11:09 26 Jan 2010

Quite interested in the O2 deal, as I am already with them for mobile and BB.

Bit suspicious though as I suspect, like their cheap broadband, it will only apply to certain exchanges, probably in the major conurbations like cable.

  KremmenUK 12:48 26 Jan 2010

The BT Option 3 is the best deal with 24/7 calls to most numbers being free for circa £50 a quarter.

  anniesboy 17:23 26 Jan 2010

BT Option 3 best deal @ £50 per quarter.???

If this is correct O2 is £37.50 per quarter

  961 18:39 26 Jan 2010

Sky subscribers get 24/7 free calls to UK, much of Europe, USA, Canada and much else for £5 per month

Line rental a bit cheaper too

click here enables you to avoid charges to most 0845/087 numbers

Am I alone in thinking "set-up" charges are a scandal?

  KremmenUK 06:59 27 Jan 2010

O2 hasn't started yet. (March)

I'm also nervous about dropping BT. A colleague is with another company (EasyTalk) and his phone has been out of action for about 2 weeks now due to a line fault.
He phones daily from work to get it sorted but so far, nothing.

When I had a line fault a few years ago it was sorted within 4 hours with BT.

  961 08:49 27 Jan 2010

I certainly agree that continuing to rent your line from BT has advantages when it comes to getting it repaired. Renting from another company introduces another link in the chain when you need service

Some other companys promise service "within 5 working days" which is no good to anyone bearing in mind the likely intervention of a weekend

And the actual saving on line rental isn't that great

But call rates are different. Many have friends in Europe, America, Canada and Australia. 24/7 packages with free calls that include these for about a fiver a month have to be a bargain

  interzone55 09:06 27 Jan 2010

"Am I alone in thinking "set-up" charges are a scandal?"

You might not be alone, but you're probably wrong.

The vast majority of the cost to a telco is the switching involved in the initial call placement, the ongoing cost once the call is placed is simply the electricity to keep it flowing.

  2neat 22:21 27 Jan 2010

I am with this and use click here
Just program your phone memory with your regular numbers and see your savings!

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