BT Broadband unlimited Download

  bremner 17:44 27 Apr 2014

I have been on the 40Gb contract for a couple of years and have recently gone close to and this month over the limit. I decided to ring and find out how much more it would cost to have the unlimited download contract. I was pleased when the man told me £3 a month. I thought this good as to go a byte over 40Gb is a minimum £5 extra for that month.

He the said, no you have not understood it is £3 a month less than you are currently paying!!

I asked why BT had never informed me of this as I was well over the minimum 12 months of the contract - he was unable or unwilling to say why.

If you are on the capped 40Gb download I suggest you ring BT and ask about an upgrade.

  spuds 18:08 27 Apr 2014

That's marketing for you.

Its not very often you hear of these things, unless by chance you find these things out one way or another.

I suppose its a bit like insurances of various kinds. Do an internet search, or suggest that you are leaving, and in most cases, like a miracle, the price drops.

Bremner - Will this still remain a 'rolling contract' or will BT start a new 'fixed' contract from the date of upgrade?.

  bremner 18:37 27 Apr 2014

New 12 month contract.

  chub_tor 16:35 02 May 2014

I found exactly the same thing earlier this year, my 40Gb contract was coming to an end so I asked for a MAC code and was offered unlimited download at a lower price than I was currently paying. I cheekily asked for the latest Home Hub as well and the guy said that he would put one in the post. It arrived 2 days later.

  BRYNIT 20:31 02 May 2014

It's the same with Virgin. I notice that I was paying about £4 pm more for a 30mb BB unlimited download than the web price. I contacted Virgin and was offered an upgrade to 50mb at the lower price + an extra £3 loyalty discount if I took out a new contract a saving of £7 pm.

I must remember to keep an eye on the prices just in case they reduce them again.

Remember no company will contact you to let you know the price has gone down only when it's going up.

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