BT and Broadband - this is a joke

  Bandit999 11:14 22 Feb 2005

I thought it about time I got ADSL and ordered a new analogue phone line from BT (I already have an ISDN line for business use). When this line was ordered I said it was for broadband use.

There are 2 neighbours that are fed from the same BT pole as me & they both have 512Kb ADSL. The line was instaled & I arranged for ADSL through EFH. ADSL was enabled and... it didn't work. After contacting the ISP a BT 'engineer' eventually arrived armed with a usb modem. He plugged it in and confirmed it didn't work. He said there was probably nothing he could do but went away & said he would try. A short while afterwards he called to say there was nothing he could do and I couldn't have broadband due to the distance back to the exchange.

The line length back to the exchange is 5.5Km - this has been confirmed since by other visiting engineers. I complained to BT and after a few more engineer visits and a lot of effort (& 3 months later) they evetually said they could sort the problem out by using a different cable pair back to the exchange. Next a BT order arrived saying when they were going to do the work - complete with a note saying they were going to charge me £135.13 for the first hour and £70.50 for subsequent hours (or part hours) with no limit on the time required to do the rewire!!!

So, I had ordered a phone line from BT which I requested was suitable for broadband, when they installed it it wasn't and then they want to charge me to sort it out!!!

I said there was no way I was going to pay for them to do this work. Now all they will say is that I'm out of range and cannot have ADSL. As I've said I have 2 neighbours on 512Kb and one 100 yards away on 1Mb so there is no way I can be out of range. There are other neighbours further down the line from the BT pole outside my house that get 512Kb. I even had it regraded to 256K but still it didn't work.

I think the problem is that the phone lines to this location are years old and at full capacity. The only ones left are really poor quality and it was one of these they put me on. As long as I pay for it BT are quite prepared to swap those lines for a better pair.... They should have done that when they installed the line - not expect me to pay for them to do it afterwards.

I've reached a point of despair. When I'm driving all I want to do is ram every BT van I see. Help, please.

  spuds 11:27 22 Feb 2005

Check your BT route and connection details, by trying click here Then ask for advice from click here or click here

  Bandit999 17:59 22 Feb 2005

Thanks for those links. Using the post code checker shows I am 3.3Km from the exchange which supports the 5.5Km cable length. So as I say the excuse that I'm too far from the exchange plainly isn't true. What they mean is I'm too far away given the lousy line they've given me.

I'll follow up the Ofcom link and I thought Otelo might also be a useful way to go.

  961 18:56 22 Feb 2005

If you type " broadband problems persist " into the search box at the left of this page you'll find a long thread which, among other things, describes the various management levels in BT who can help you with this

I wonder to what extent the fact that you have an ISDN line may have a bearing on what is happening here?

  MMH 01:07 23 Feb 2005

Although a bit late to make suggestions. I am with Blueyonder 512k recently upgraded to 1meg line without charge.. If any problems exist.. customer service is good although a little long to answer.. The best part is the self care website.. The technical support line actually has recorded messages of problem areas so you do not waste time holding on as many problems are generally in specific region.

  Bandit999 08:34 23 Feb 2005

Thanks for the suggestions.

For better of for worse I said to BT they should disconnect the line and refund me 3 months line rental which they agreed to do. I'm not however going to let the matter drop.

I thought it would be good to follow the complaints procedure from BT's web site. So I rang the number given to escalate the problem and eventually spoke to the same person I'd spoken to previously. We went through the same thing - I've nothing to complain about I'm out of range. Again I explained that I wasn't out of range & BT were prepared to sort the problem out last week if I paid for them to do it. She said that was a mistake & I shouldn't have been sent that order.

She then said that all faults should go through the ISP and they shouldn't be involved. I explained again that this had been done and there was an existing fault report with BT Wholsale but they had failed to do anything about the fault. This girl from BT then said something very interesting, she said that she thought the problem would be that the ISP wouldn't pay for BT to do the work. At this point my voice raised somewhat and I suggested that this was BT's trick - somebody orders a line for Broadband, BT install the worst line they can find so that it doesn't work they then charge the ISP to sort it out!!!

After some further going round in circles I said that I was just following the complaints procedure on their web site to make sure I was going through the correct channels. She said that this was a complaints procedure for telephone problems and not for broadband problems. So I said - OK, tell me the procedure for broadband problems. You'll never guess what she said - 'sorry you can't complain about that - that's to do with BT Wholesale and they don't talk to customers. All complaints must go through your iSP.' After I said that I didn't have an ISP because BT had disconnected the phone in question - she started panicking a bit & said she'd get her boss to ring. I'm still waiting.

  Diver14 13:51 23 Feb 2005

I had similar problems when I joined BT Broadband 18 months ago. The only way I got sorted out was to email the BT chairmain who passed me on to the BT Broadband boss who got things sorted out at VERY quick!!

The addresses are as follows: -

[email protected]

Also try:

[email protected] (Broadband boss)

These email addresses may not be active now but it's worth a try.

  Chegs ® 14:36 24 Feb 2005

My opinions of BT are unprintable.I had ADSL at my previous address,BT disconnected my phone claiming I hadn't paid their bill(I hadn't been billed until after disconnection)I refused to pay for ADSL reactivation,as I blamed BT for its demise.I moved house,and had ADSL restored to the new number.Then BT did it again,disconnecting the line and stating I owed them money.I spoke to my ISP,who agreed it was BT's cockup and reconnected my ADSL for free.After several months had passed,BT again switched off my phone stating I owed money,and refused to reconnect until very recently.I was without any phone services for over 6 months until BT started offering a "Pay as you go" service.I was told it wouldn't affect ADSL,so agreed to have this system.I tried to join BT Broadband,but the sales body has informed me I cannot have ADSL on this type of service,and I cannot change it for at least 12 months! I have had to return to dialup,and its pooh.

I will be bombarding BT Customer Services with daily emails until a satisfactory resolution is reached.

  vinnyT 14:46 24 Feb 2005

Bandit999, follow through on the above advice, but it won't do any harm to complain to your mp, explain in a calm polite manner exactly what has happened, making sure that the BT chairmain gets a copy of your letter as well.

  Bandit999 10:14 25 Feb 2005

Thanks for the advice from everyone. Letters and emails have gone off to MP & BT chariman.

I'm still waiting for that return phone call from BT :)

  apatia77 10:24 25 Feb 2005

I called BT 2 months ago to have my broadband disconected. A week later a called them again cos my broadband was still on, I told the person that I would not pay for using it as I requested cancelation of my conctact with them (I had BT broadband over a year)and the person said that I will not have to pay for anything.
Now you will not believe that. My broadband is still working 2 months after I had requested cancelation.
I can not even bother now to call them, it seams that nobothy cares. The only think is that I can not go for a 2MB connection from another place whithc I am waiting to do.
I can only dream now that I will not have to pay for using BT broadband anymore. What can I do that it takes them months to cancel anything when it should take only 1 week.

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