BT Broadband experiences?

  anskyber 20:40 13 Dec 2005

I am currently with Wanadoo and I have so far (11 months) found the service to be reliable. I have heard of mixed success with BT Broadband but for reasons I will not bother with here I am considering migrating to BT. Any comments?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:32 13 Dec 2005

I've been on BT Broadband since February 03. On one day there was a national problem, affecting a few thousand users, which meant no service for a few hours. The service has otherwise just worked as it should.

  wee eddie 00:02 14 Dec 2005

but I have had no problems and the assistance that I needed during during the transfer from dial-up to broadband was cheap and effective.

Personally I don't wish to change my address every few months, a few quid each year is not a major problem, so I've had the same address for the last eight or more years.

  PsiFox 11:58 14 Dec 2005

I was with BT at the start of their broadband but changed when I felt the service was getting worse.

As an aside BT as an isp are moving even more of their call centre to India

click here

I find a lot of these overseas centres to be less thean helpful, usually down to understanding the english with a pronounced accent

  anskyber 12:04 14 Dec 2005

Yes. The loss of jobs is to say the least more than regrettable. I have no difficulty with centres in India other than the issue PsiFox has pointed out. I also suffer from some hearing loss which makes the problem even more difficult when dealing with matters of importance such as call centres. It would be a consideration for the choice of ISP if all other things are equal, although I do not suppose BT coulg care a fig.

  Mike D 12:54 14 Dec 2005

I've been with them for 3 weeks after serving a sentence with Tiscali. Overall a much better service - speeds very much what they advertise, technical help was there when I needed it (I hasten to add that this was a self-inflicted problem).

As wee eddie says, it could be cheaper.


  Hamish 13:21 14 Dec 2005

I have been with BT for 18 months. Very good service. Had to use customer service just after starting with them and they were good. Yes, could be cheaper, but you get what you pay for and on reading some reports on other ISPs I will stick with BT

  anskyber 13:45 14 Dec 2005

Thanks very much everyone, and if there are more who wish to contribute please do. The feedback so far suggests that BT are not so bad after all. I have a seperate thread in Networking on the wireless router from BT if you can help. Ta!

  MIKE. 14:11 14 Dec 2005

I have been with BT for about 2 years possible a bit expensive for nowadays besides that & the very rare outage I would recommend it to anyone.

  pauldonovan 14:24 14 Dec 2005

..was very impressed today with Zen. I've placed an order with them and had a question on it. Clicked on "live support" on their website and got straight through to someone who helped me out. That, from what I can tell, is fairly rapid response from an ISP. OK so they are a bit more expensive but so far so good. Very impressed with that.

Pipex was my last ISP but they seem to discriminate against those who can't get > 512kbps by assuming they are 'low users' so I haven't renewed with them. They were excellent while I was with them though.

  dumber 14:52 14 Dec 2005

I've been with Pipex broadband for the last 3 months, no problems but customer service is the usual pile of pants. Still at £14.99...

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