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BT Broadband and .eu e-mail addresses.

  anskyber 07:51 23 Jun 2006

I have a .eu e-mail address. During the first few weeks of the .eu regime Amazon did not recognise my new address although they very quickly put things right. Since it took rather a lomg time to go through the numerous sites that require addresses I did not want to go to yet another address for the sites which did not recognise .eu (only Amazon as it turned out)

I have now discovered that BT do not appear to have kept up with the arrival of .eu. I have 2 contacts who have addresses and they do not receive e-mails from my .eu account but do receive from my account.

I suppose its either very patriotic or downright lax!!

  spuds 08:53 23 Jun 2006

Both the commercial and public world have been informed and offered eu domains for quite a few months,possibly nearer a year for information, so really there are or can be no excuses.

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