BT Broadband connection problem

  philspace 10:25 05 Jun 2004

Hello and thanks for reading!

Just signed up a few days ago for broadband service with

A day or so after, I was contacted by one of their sales team to say that BT couldn't enable my line as the "streetbox" was unable to take any more connections??

I may be wrong, but I thought the necessary work was carried out at the local exchange !

Anyway, I contacted BT Wholesale to try and make some sense of this, but so far they haven't replied to my e-mail.

Wonder if anyone else has had this similar problem ?

Best Regards,


  spuds 11:50 05 Jun 2004

Some work maybe carried out at the local [nearest] exchange,but the end result will be the point nearest to your home.If BT cannot provide the line, then your contract with e7even will be void.This same rule will also apply to any other ISP using a BT service line.Broadband and dial-up/ADSL are a whole different ball game in respect of your service line.

  vibrant 14:20 05 Jun 2004

Have you got a BT landline telephone at home now

  philspace 18:31 05 Jun 2004

Thanks all for replying to my message.

Yes, of course I have a BT line.

I agree that if Broadband service cannot be provided in the forseeable future then yes it is pointless pursuing the order with the ISP.

However in my case, the local exchange is enabled, so I assumed there would be no problem. The "streetbox" mentioned already has my line
connected so what's the problem, as I believe the actual Broadband activation for my line is done at the exchange?

Anyway I will wait to see if BT Wholesale can clarify things, if not I will try OFCOM.

Best regards,


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