BT Broadband, BT Openworld Broadband

  Sunny-275842 01:05 23 May 2003

ok im confused! can anyone tell me whats the difference in between the two BT Broadband, BT Openworld Broadband?



  jediknight007 01:14 23 May 2003

One is about £27.99 a month and includes the normal 512Kbps broadband while the other is £29.99 a month and has features such as webspace and e-mail addresses. Dunno which is which though. Just check out click here

  Sunny-275842 01:17 23 May 2003

i just wanted to know cus one is shown (i think bt openworld) shows you can surf and use the phone while the other just seems it says surf thats bout it, even tho i know that broadband lets you do both.

im just checking and curious not to order the wrong package.



  BigMoFoT 01:27 23 May 2003

If the connection is ADSL then you can surf/be on the phone at the same time as it splits ur phone line - I use the BT no frills package, £27.99 a month

  mikef™ 09:03 23 May 2003

BT Broadband as has been said is the no frills package and just provides the ADSL connection and nothing else apart from a basic home page with links.BT Openworld is a fully fledged ISP, which has nothing to do with BT broadband, and provides web space Aproper home page and email with spam filtering and anti virus here for information on both

  Sunny-275842 09:51 23 May 2003

i know where to get info peeps! don't take me as a idiot :P but just dont see why people want to pay more just for email and stuff like that? im sure you van use any email with outlook!

  JohnS 13:32 23 May 2003

Just had this installed - the basic install yourself package and everything worked first time. BT kept me informed when modem being sent etc and all happened as stated.

Having bad trouble getting Internet conn sharing working - (found other postings that may help me) also I regret buying the BT DSL modem as similar are half price in the mags and also want now to use wireless so think it was £50 not too well spent. Connection is good and not yet had a failure to connect. Must use a firewall of some sort though as it is always on.

  Steve Mat 14:13 23 May 2003

I bought a DVD player on line from that went wrong within the first year. I spoke to the Tech Department who advised me to return it and that they would arrange for its return. They gave me a Return Number and told me to write this on the box and give it to their courier who would pick it up. Sure enough, their courier turned up as planned and I despatched the box containing the DVD player, asking the courier if I needed to sign anything.

Having dealt quite a bit with companies who operate on line or over the phone I always keep a diary of what happens, what is said and when. A couple of days later I phoned the Tech Department and there the saga begins. Please find below the diary of events so far:

Spoke to Tech Dept at 1314 on 04/12/02. DVD to be returned. Likely pick up Thu pm.

DVD picked up at 1700 on 05/12/02.

Spoke to Tech dept at 0920 on 17/12/02 as to why money had not been refunded. They will investigate & phone back. No one phoned back.

Spoke to Vicky at 15:00 on 03/01/03 as to why money had not been refunded. She will investigate & phone back. Vicky phoned back - DVD located. Money to be refunded in approx 5 wk days.

Spoke to Damon at 15:50 on 24/01/03 as to why money had not been refunded. Told ‘several orders have had to be reprocessed and ours was included’. Will be reprocessed soonest.

Spoke to Carl Coachman (Head of Dept) at 14:40 on 18/02/03. Jungle taken over by Argos and order is lost. Cheque will be sent within 12 days.

Spoke to Penny at 1600 on 12/05/03. Carl Coachman and other Staff have left. Checking with finance department and will get back to me. Did not get back to me.

Spoke to Darren at 1300 on 16/05/03. He said there was no record of them receiving the DVD player and all records from December have been lost, therefore there is nothing he can do and I will not be getting my money back unless I can prove Jungle have it. Told to email complaint to company.

Emailed Jungle at 13:50 on 16/05/03. Email replied to by same Darren Edmonds. Same uncooperative manner.

To summarise, I have called the Customer Care department seven times at National rates. Each time I have either been told the cheque’s in the post (yeah right, I know!) or that they would get back to me. At no time has the cheque been put in the post or has anyone got back to me, in fact, each time Staff become less and less helpful and merely state that Jungle has been taken over by Argos and that all the previous staff have left and now it is not their problem. That is not Customer Care!

I am now at the stage where I feel deeply aggrieved at the unhelpfulness of their Staff, the mounting cost of getting my money back and the fact that they now think they can fob me off.

Any advice would be helpful

  mikef™ 14:55 23 May 2003

Steve Matt

I would suggest you put this in it's own thread if you want any help not in a thread about broadband access.

  geeuk 15:25 23 May 2003

Hi spudling

Try this click here

Wish I had looked before signing with BT (its very slow) I am currently moving

  Sunny-275842 16:11 23 May 2003

lol at Mikef!! thanks for the help but i really want broadband but cant seem to find a decent review for i found one called BiscIT meant to be really good but you have to buy modem sperate for bout 140£ or something! and bt seem to do a free install etc and i dont want to drill any holes with ntl. i went to or .net and bt had poor reviews so im confussed now!

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