bt broadband

  iqs 20:37 15 Feb 2007

Hello, I would like to up-grade to 8mb BT Broadband.

I have checked via the BT web page,using their line test.

It states I can only receive up to 3mb.To far from the exchange is their reason.

Is there away BT can increase my connection speed?,will they at some address the issue.Or must I move closer to the exchange ;)

  Forum Editor 20:43 15 Feb 2007

from the exchange are you - approximately?

  Jackcoms 20:44 15 Feb 2007

Is there away BT can increase my connection speed?


will they at some address the issue.

Possibly, maybe. How long is a piece of string?

must I move closer to the exchange

Ideally, yes. ;-)

  Jackcoms 20:44 15 Feb 2007
  iqs 21:04 15 Feb 2007

According to the link Jackcoms supplied,I'm about 3,29 km,(straight line).Cheers all

  terryf 21:25 15 Feb 2007

I am approximately 253 metres from the exchange in a straight line and the best I have ever seen is about 6.5 mb (on a good day with a following wind) about 2.30 A.M .The actual phone line does not follow a direct path which adds about 50% to the distance.

  iqs 21:30 15 Feb 2007

sorry missed out the word 'point' from 'will they at some point address the issue'

  Dipso 22:11 15 Feb 2007

The best way to tell what your expected connection speed (note, not download speed) would be is to check what your downstream attenuation is from your routers logs, if it shows that info. The checkers aren't very reliable in my experience and your straight line distance measurement can be way off.

Do you get the same if you put your details into this? click here

As a general rule, if your downstream attentuation is less than 35 you should be able to connect at the full 8 Meg.

  iqs 11:28 16 Feb 2007

Hello and thank you all for your help.Dipso,I have a Negear Router DG834GT.

I have tried to find the downstream attenuation via the router logs,the only info I could locate was the following, Downstream 3520kbps Upstream 448kbps VPI 0 VCI 38.

Is this of any use,if n ot any tips on locating the correct info?.Cheers

  iqs 11:36 16 Feb 2007

Downstream Attenuation 54.0db
Noise Margin 12.4db

Ran the test,it states I could obtain speeds from 2.8 to 3.6

  Dipso 12:34 16 Feb 2007

Hi iqs, I'm a bit confused as you already seem to be on 8 Meg broadband i.e. as your router shows Downstream 3520kbps Upstream 448kbps.

Are you saying you just want to know if you can make it faster?

As you have a DG834GT there is a way you could possibly squeeze a bit more out of your line by using a nifty software tool click here v8.05 is the version for your router. We are not talking being able to get you connected at the maximum 8 Meg as you live too far from the exchange for that but you may get a liitle more than you can get now.

If you want to try it I'll guide you through. First download the software and install it. Select English as the default language.

How do you connect, through an extension or the master socket in your home?

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