BT 'Anti Dialler' available ...... but...

  esbe 13:39 08 May 2005

... it only works with Win 2000pro SP4, Win XPPro SP2, XPHome SP2 at the moment.
click here


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:52 08 May 2005

However you do not need it if you have broadband and I'm sure I have seen anti-dialers for 98 and the likes....


  esbe 14:07 08 May 2005

Thanks Gandalf, I'm on dial up on Win Me, XPHome SP1.

Anyone using a good reliable, free Anti Dialler they could recommend?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:34 08 May 2005

You can always get BT to supply you with a premium rate number blocker on your line. I think the service costs £1.75/month but this is far cheaper than a £300/quarter phone bill.


  Belatucadrus 15:57 08 May 2005

click here Antidialler

  pj123 16:53 08 May 2005

As GANDALF <|:-)> says just ask BT to bar all Premium Rate numbers from your phone. I am on NTL Cable phone and call barring costs £1 per month. I have also found out that some 09 numbers are not classed as premium rate by NTL if they are charged at less than 50p per minute. They class these as International numbers. So I have now got call barring on Premium Rate and International (still £1 per month), but I get a pin number to override the bar if I need to call out of the country. Yes, I am on Broadband but I still have an analogue modem installed for sending faxes. It is not normally plugged in to the telephone line unless I am sending a fax. So far I have not had any rogue diallers.

  esbe 16:56 08 May 2005

Thanks for info Gandalf, I'll keep that in mind, and thanks Belatucadrus I'll try your link and see how I get on.


  esbe 17:01 08 May 2005

pj123, thanks for info.

  realist 19:00 11 May 2005

My understanding is that BT will block all premium rate calls being made from your line for free, they only make the ?1.75 charge if you wish to subscribe to a service that enables you to block/unblock individual numbers.

  skidzy 22:24 30 May 2005

Ok people,most say a rogue dialer cannot dial out whilst on broadband,Could someone help and explain why i have international and premium numbers on my phone bill.I can assure everyone that im the only one who uses the phone and havnt dialled such numbers beginning 0901 0904 0911.Ive tried to trace a rogue dialer on my system to no effect...any ideas ?....My bill has increased as has a friend of mine.I often use spybot,adware,giant antispy..basically the freeware programs to all good effect,but they fail to find any problems !..Bt do not want help me but give me the run around from one number to another.Any help would be appreciated..

  spuds 23:42 30 May 2005

If you have problems with premium lines and rogue diallers, try these people click here

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