BT advised one of my customers to uninstall NAV!

  Giggle n' Bits 23:20 09 Nov 2004

I had a customer who was having problems with using his XBOX on BT Broadband connection. BT told my customer to un-install Norton Anti-Virus which he did.

My customer asked BT support what can he use for Virus Software, they replied "Not our problem" then hung up

Computer now in for new HDD & Window supply/install due to HDD faulty & number virus infections and some file damage.

Reason for Xbox not working correctly was the HDD being faulty.

Where do BT get there support answers from ?
Oh, please how can a WinXP machine use broadband and not have any virus protection nowadays.

Have BT lost the plot total ?

  Forum Editor 23:18 12 Dec 2004

with GANDALF <|:-)> and Taran. Norton isn't installed on any of my computers, and if I have anything to say in the matter it isn't installed on my clients' machines either.

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