BT advised one of my customers to uninstall NAV!

  Giggle n' Bits 23:20 09 Nov 2004

I had a customer who was having problems with using his XBOX on BT Broadband connection. BT told my customer to un-install Norton Anti-Virus which he did.

My customer asked BT support what can he use for Virus Software, they replied "Not our problem" then hung up

Computer now in for new HDD & Window supply/install due to HDD faulty & number virus infections and some file damage.

Reason for Xbox not working correctly was the HDD being faulty.

Where do BT get there support answers from ?
Oh, please how can a WinXP machine use broadband and not have any virus protection nowadays.

Have BT lost the plot total ?

  pubsinger 11:53 10 Nov 2004

A BT Customer Service Advisor told me to sign up with NTL for Broadband after I spent a year trying to get my ISDN removed and changed over. So I did!! Bye Bye BT!! .. .before you ask - yes, BT Broadband has been available in my area for yonks, and I live round the corner from the exchange. . . . .How many times can you shoot yourself in the foot and still walk!! lol :-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:17 10 Nov 2004

I have had to remove Norton from 2 computwers in the last running ME and one running XP. I have had to remove Norton from many computers and as far as I am concerned BT were spot on.


  fourjays 13:45 10 Nov 2004

When I had Norton Internet Security, how ever much I configured it to let ports through, and to only scan wehn I wanted it too, etc, it still disobeyed. It continued to block ports, and scan all the time. I got rid of it and settled for AVG, XP Firewall and hardware firewall.

I don't think Norton is the best software for people who need to use the computer for anything but basic internet access.

BT shouldn't have told you to uninstall Nortons, and leave you without an alternative. They should have given you advice on which AV software would work.

  Wilham 16:27 10 Nov 2004

I think the cause of my trouble with Norton was too many upgrades. The later anti-virus filters were added irrespective of whether any were already there, and my over-enthusiasm to keep up to date accumulated an excessively long filter chain with redundancy,- and an unacceptable time delay. That was with Norton 2003.

No doubt Symantec would point out I'm supposed to renew the s/w every year.

  Taran 17:07 10 Nov 2004

Personally, I wouldn't have a Symantec antivirus product on any of my systems.

There are certain known concerns for which the only realistic fix is to uninstall and remove Norton Antivirus, including all traces from the rergistry.

Like GANDALF <|:-)> I have had to do this more times than I care to remember and while Norton Antivirus does a lot of good things for a lot of people, like all similar products, it often trips up over its own feet and causes some pretty unpleasant issues.

Without knowing the exact particulars of the case in hand, it is impossible to state whether BT may have been right, but for certain issues they would have been.

  fred 20:53 10 Nov 2004

Given up on Norton as a bad job

  pubsinger 18:52 12 Dec 2004

It`s all I use.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:22 12 Dec 2004

I use Norton Systemworks and Norton Internet Security, both 2003 versions, on Windows XP Pro SP2 and BT Broadband 1Mbps. I run Live Update every week and everything performs just as it should. I see no reason to change.

  TrustNoone 21:54 12 Dec 2004

Like Mr Mistoffelees I use NIS and NSW with BT Broadband. Recently upgraded to NIS 2005, still running NSW 2003. No real issues with broadband connection at all. I do get frustrated by the number of Norton Security alerts. I did have to disable GoBack 4.0 as it prevented my system from shutting down properly when it was enabled. Norton Ghost runs in the background quite happily.

Customer service is excellent, the PCW offer of half-price NIS 2005 with Goback4 from online store was certainly a bargain if you like Symantec as I do - at least I am not going to go put and trash the product after purchasing it am I?

  anniel 22:49 12 Dec 2004

My son bought and installed NAV on my PC in 2001 and when I bought an upgrade download the next year, it was nothing but problems. I got my money back from mean feat and it took ages to completely rid my PC of Norton.

Ironically, I won Norton 2003 on a radio quiz..needless to say it sits on a shelf in its box, completely untouched. I would not give it houseroom or should I say PC room.

I use Avast Home Edition and have never looked back.

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