BT £10 Surcharge

  ened 17:09 11 May 2007

I received a telephone bill today which included a 'One Off' charge.

On looking into it I discovered it was for not paying the previous one quickly enough.

When I telephoned and queried this thay immediately issued a Credit Note, after first asking me to change to Direct Debits.I am unable to pay using this method because the bank a/c I use does not allow them.

This charge had come as a shock because it was so unexpected and I had no prior notification.

They were so quick to cancel it I wonder if it is actually legal?

  Ranger 17:22 11 May 2007

I have found in the past that credit card companies etc. are quick to levy a charge if a bill is not paid on time, but if it is just a one off thing that happened and that you have not missed before they invariably refund the charge very quickly if you get in touch with them

  esbe 17:28 11 May 2007

& they also charge £4.50 'Payment processing fee'if you pay by cash or cheque.


  ened 17:31 11 May 2007

Who Does?

  esbe 20:34 11 May 2007

BT - as per your thread title.


  esbe 20:51 11 May 2007

As from 1st May.

click here

bottom of page.

  Dipso 23:53 11 May 2007

Thanks for the heads up...must have missed that one.

  anchor 09:33 12 May 2007

I missed that one also.

Another way for BT to extract more money from us. Can it really cost £4.50 to process payment on my quarterly bill; I don`t think so.

  stylehurst 13:34 12 May 2007

Don't forget if you are unwwiloling to use direct debit they don't give you the £12 a year discount, so in actuality the total cost per quarter is £3 not allowed plus £4.50p processing charge. Total £7.50 per quarter.
This has just appeared on my latest BT bill & I've terminated my contract with them.
I object to being told to pay by DD or face a penalty.
Many years ago a ulility company spokesman passed the remark that they like DD because it means they can control a customers bank account.

  beeuuem 14:07 12 May 2007

I wouldn't waste your time asking BT how much it actually costs to process the payment. I pay via internet banking and have asked for the cost to them - three times. Each time they reply, saying how wonderful DD is, how Virgin charge £5-00 a month and some companies only take customers who pay by DD, but an answer to the question -NO.

I must have miffed them. Their last letter says that they have 'closed the issue your letter raised.'

Ofcom say that they are 'currently considering the issue as it relates to such charges'. which doesn't offer much hope for any action.

  ened 14:30 12 May 2007

I pay BT £42.00 a quarter in 'Service Charges', which in reality is the Line Rental and Telephone Book entry.

I think that should allow me to pay in whichever way I choose.

Incidentally when I telephoned yesterday absolutely no mention was made about this £4:50, and I have not been notified in writing.

Surely the onus is not on the customer to find the info from their web site.

I have a friend who has had his bill from British Gas overestimated (Apparently he sent the actual reading in a day late) and they are about to take £1500 from his a/c by Direct Debit. When he called them they said they would rectify it on the next bill. But he doesn't have the money in the account and the only option is to cancel the Direct Debit.

I can't with my present account but I too am always loathe to use Direct Debits because of this sort of thing.

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