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Brought a Car - Which has become defective.

  RobCharles1981 18:49 28 Jan 2020

Hello I'm wondering if anyone can offer me advice about a car that I had purchased on the 31/12/19

Basically I had to buy a new motor as I had an accident in my last motor, so I had to start afresh and my insurance did pay me out in any case.

Anyway this said problem, I saw a car that I had liked (A Vauxhall Corsa) and my Dad came along with me, and we agreed to purchase.

The Car had come with a 30 Day Warranty for any defects that may occur, so I thought fair enough.

When we got home, we discovered that the car didn't have it's "Basic Check" such as checking the Oil and water levels ect so we went back to the garage the following and told them, and they sorted this out. Bearing in mind it had an Mot sometime ago.

And a couple of days latter, we ran into further problems.

The Engine Management light on my dash came on and had a loss of "Power" left it a while and had no light. We took it back to the Garage, where they apparently ran a diagnostic program (Where it found nothing) but they had replaced the Spark Plugs - the problem went away. I thought we where good to go.

The next day yet another problem - I had the "Spanner Light" which when looking in the manual is related to the emissions!!! Turned off the Car and restarted and the light went out.

We went back to the garage the next day (Wednesday Last week) and told them and that they would sent my car to their Garage to sort out.

Its said there where allot of defects! - Throttle Sensor, Timing Belt and replacing the "catalytic converter" apparently this Garage is awaiting on this part or another.

I'm basically at the end of my tether with this car place and so is my dad and it's almost been a week. We have phoned the Garage to find any updates and like above the Garage is awaiting on a specific part but he would extend the warranty for us. We are going to seek advice from Trading Standards to find out our rights.

We are going to see the Garage tomorrow for any updates.

And ideally want to get our money back on this matter.

Can anyone offer me any thoughts on this matter please?

Many thanks Rob

  Forum Editor 23:09 28 Jan 2020

Who did you buy the car from?

If you buy from a dealer you are protected by The Consumer Rights Act 2015. That legislation gives you the right to ask for a full refund for 30 days from the date of purchase, should the car be faulty.

Essentially, the law says that any product - including a new or secondhand car - must be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. In the case of a secondhand car, 'fit for purpose' means that the car must be in a condition that a 'reasonable person' would expect, taking into account its age and the mileage on the clock.

If you bought the car with your credit card, you also have protection under the Consumer Credit Act - mention that to a dealer if you are negotiating. There are several industry organisations you can turn to if all else fails, but talk to the dealer first - it may be the quickest way to resolve the problem.

That all sounds pretty good, but problems can arise if a dealer rejects your contention that the vehicle was not fit for purpose at the point of sale. If you are refused a refund you may end up having to go to court - far better to negotiate with the dealer if you can.The dealer can offer to carry out repairs, but under the new legislation he/she only gets one chance - if the fault isn't fixed first time you can insist on a refund.

If you bought from a private individual you do not have the same level of protection, although the seller must not misrepresent or falsely describe the vehicle - by saying it has had a recent service if it hasn't for instance, or telling you it always starts first time when it doesn't.

Unfortunately, if you try to get your money back and the seller refuses it is far more difficult, and you are likely to end up taking the matter to court

  qwbos 12:02 29 Jan 2020

How old is the car and what's the mileage? Timing belts seem to have a relatively short life on some Corsa engines. Did it come with a full service history? How recent is the MOT?

You refer to "their Garage to sort out." Is this garage part of the dealership you bought the car from and is it the same garage that carried out the MOT?

Stick with FEs advice. The fact that they're talking to you and carrying out repairs is a good start and an acceptance that the vehicle wasn't fit for purpose when you bought it, assuming you haven't done a few laps round Silverstone.

Good luck.

  RobCharles1981 18:49 29 Jan 2020

Hello all and thanks for your input.

@Forum Editor We brought the Car from a used Car Trade Dealer and we paid by cash.

@MrGrumpy - I myself have no idea it had a recent Mot and when we checked the book it didn't have it's initial check over, so we took it back and checked over a few things - but something is right at all.

We spoke to the guy today and we where not happy with the situation but hes assuring us that it will be "fixed" by Friday (I don't see it happening) The long delay is that it needs a new Chain Camb Belt I don't see this happening by Friday at the least. The Place in question is UKCSales google them

We are awaiting for Trading Standards to give us a call back.

@qwbos Its a 63 Plate Vauxhall Corsa and it's done 64,000 there was a typo on it's website where it read "54,000" The last MOT was quite recent. Its a used Car Dealership and they use another Garage to repair Cars.

Cheers Rob

  clint 19:47 29 Jan 2020
  qwbos 23:59 29 Jan 2020

It looks like timing chain problems are relatively common on Corsas and many other small engined cars. Chains used to be a guarantee of long life. I had a SAAB 99 in the mid 70s that I had from around 20000 miles to over 150000 miles without having to touch the tensioner, never mind the chain.

Looking at the link to the dealership you provided, on the "About Us" page , there's a link to "MOT & Servicing" where it says - "We are specialists offering car and van servicing and MOTs at great prices. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and our trained mechanics will be happy to answer all of your questions regardless of your vehicle make or model."

Doesn't look like you've had that quality of service.

  retrotech 00:04 30 Jan 2020

You were unlucky but I hope you will fix everything

  The Kestrel 09:32 30 Jan 2020

If you reach an impasse with the dealer I suggest you go to your local Citizens Advice. They will work through the issue with you and, if necessary, help you to take your case to the small claims court.

  RobCharles1981 10:24 30 Jan 2020

So ultimately what are my rights on this matter?

We are expecting to hear from them by tomorrow at the latest if we don't we won't be very happy at all.

  clint 11:02 30 Jan 2020

RobCharles1981 I have posted you two links have you not read them the first one is for the law on servicing and repairs, second one is Citizens Advice

  HondaMan 11:57 30 Jan 2020

Please do let us know what happens as this is a matter which could affect any of us. People can have an unfortunate experience even with a new car. I've had 3, through two dealers and makes!

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