Broadband?Who do I choose?Virgin,TelewestorPipex

  noelski 16:47 20 Feb 2004

Hi, I've been looking for a good broadband company for the last week with the help of a friend and i've come up with the final three choices, either Virgin, Telewest or Pipex.

Does anybody have experiences of these companies and how would you rate them?

Thank you everyone for your help

  Wiggy277 16:56 20 Feb 2004

I've been using Telewest Broadband for 12 months and have not had a single minute downtime. Had to call Tech Support once for advise and after getting through the automated answer system (press 1 for this 2 for that etc) call was answered and sorted in a couple of minutes. I would recommend them to anybody!

Personally, I would reccomend Nildram !!!! (Sorry, I know that you asked specifically....)

Seriously, I was with BT for two years and then moved and the service is second to none.

However, try adslguide click here for ideas and comparisons. (compare your three).

Sorry - wrong link (I put .com instead of .org) click here

  bremner 17:16 20 Feb 2004

This will enable you to compare the various ISP's click here

I have had Telewest Blueyonder for over 12 months and can recommend them.

  Sir Radfordin 18:07 20 Feb 2004

Have had Telewest for going on 2 years and have not had a single day when it hasn't worked.

  spuds 18:25 20 Feb 2004

I see Telewest debts have come out of the cupboard again.Big changes with top management.

  IClaudio 19:12 20 Feb 2004

If you do a bit of work of your own and 'Search' these Forums for 'BroadBand', you'll find (probably) dozens of references to those three companies and others besides, all extolling the various virtues. I'm with Pipex and it's great, but Zen has also had good comments and I must admit it does look interesting.

For the definitive overview of all things BroadBand, click here

  R4 19:56 20 Feb 2004

Never had any problems with Pipex

  anchor 20:15 20 Feb 2004

I agree with the good comments about the Pipex 512mb service.

Been with them for almost 2 years; no complaints.

  SantasLittleHelper 20:39 20 Feb 2004

I too, have been with Pipex for over a year, great service with no problems.

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