Broadband without a landline

  rickf 17:30 18 Nov 2014

I hardly use my landline but only need it for BB. What's the best way of getting rid of it and still have BB speeds I am enjoying. Fed up of BT's increase in rental and BB fee increase. What's your experience if you have ditched the landline and who are you with? Thanks

  onthelimit1 19:15 18 Nov 2014

For a start, what speeds are you getting with the landline, and what sort of mobile signal strength are you getting?

  Menzie 20:01 18 Nov 2014

That's a tough one back in the UK I had Virgin Media but even they tack the phone line onto their low cost offers.

I'm now residing in North America where they have something called a dry loop (naked DSL). This allows those without a landline to have broadband but I don't recall anyone in the UK offering such a service.

  Aitchbee 22:32 18 Nov 2014

There is a new broadband offer exclusively for BT Basic customers;

" ... you can get BT Basic + Broadband for £9.95 a month (which is made up of your usual line rental at £5.10 a month plus broadband at £4.85 a month).

You can use up to 10GB of data each month, you'll get download speeds of up to 16Mb, and there's no minimum contract term. "

PS, I'm a BT Basic customer [I use it exclusively for incoming calls only] but have already got a good Broadband connection with Virgin although this requires me to pay for a landline which I never use!

Anyone on BT Basic would have been told about this offer by letter - like I was.

  Quickbeam 08:14 19 Nov 2014

I've been on an EE 4G 30 day rolling contract mobile BB since April. Originally intended as temporary thinking it wouldn't quite do enough, but I'm now more than happy with the 15GB of 4G data for £20 pm.

That's enough for my use and the 4G data is excellent and on a par with the Minimum fibre optic package I was on with Virgin.

I changed because it's part of my ongoing cost cuts to maintain only things in life than I need and fully use. I don't need a landline, I don't need more than Freeview TV offers, and as I said the 15 GB pm is plenty for me to do all my emails, upload photos to Facebook and Google backup, my usual use of Youtube and a moderate amount of iPlayer streaming.

Only you know how much of anything you need, but with the 30 day contract, that's as long as your tied in for if you don't think it's giving what you need.

  rickf 12:53 19 Nov 2014

Yes I am hoping Relish would be able to roll out to the counties. I am in Oxford so maybe there is hope. Being ripped off at the moment, really fed up.

  Forum Editor 19:28 19 Nov 2014

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