Broadband?? which one

  EhsanA 14:31 01 Apr 2009

I wanted to get a new borad band and would like to know of your experiences with your current or previous providers, im currently with bt and not happy with the speed, please let me know


  Clapton is God 15:02 01 Apr 2009

Unfortunately, asking a question like that is a bit like asking "how long is a piece of string?".

You'll probably get so many differing opinions from members that you'll be more confused than ever.

So to start the ball rolling, I have a broadband and phone package with Tiscali which costs £17.99 per month and includes line rental, up to 8MB broadband and free phone calls 24/7 to 01 and 02 landlines. I average 5.5MB and I'm perfectly happy with it.

Now wait for the Tiscali-haters to jump on the bandwagon. ;-))

  birdface 15:11 01 Apr 2009

Never tried Tiscali but If you are on Virgin broadband 2Mb you get a free upgrade to 10Mb in may.

  MAJ 15:16 01 Apr 2009

"Now wait for the Tiscali-haters to jump on the bandwagon. ;-))"


Stay away from Tiscali, if you value your sanity. Try O2. Or ask around your local area, see what others are using and how good a service they receive.

  Cymro. 16:10 01 Apr 2009

Stick with BT better the devil you know and anyway you can set your head spinning trying to sort out the differences in all the different ISP.

  Stuartli 16:15 01 Apr 2009

Tiscali isn't even guaranteed to be in business in times to come - it's been trying to sell the business for many months.

TalkTalk offers superb value for money for phone and broadband packages. See:

click here

I pay £20.49 a month for free broadband (average 7Mb connection), free AnyTime UK phone calls, free AnyTime international calls to 36 countries and it includes the £10.50 line rental.

Check your local exchange is TalkTalk LLU enabled at click here


click here

  wiz-king 18:17 01 Apr 2009

1) do a line check to se what speed you should be able to get. click here
2) decide what package you want, the link given above only does broadband not phones, tv etc

Read all about broadband on the site and the decide what you want.

  Kevscar1 18:58 01 Apr 2009

Whoever you go to you may not see an increase in speed. The major factor is your distance from the exchange then you have to factor in the number of users between you and the exchage which can cause a major slowdown at times.
I don't know anything about the other providers but I have been with sky for many years. Only I problem right at the start and they sent me a new outer within 3 days.
Normally get 5.5mb but this can slowdown when all the kids get in from school and go online. Normally speed back up after an hour or two

  birdface 12:02 02 Apr 2009

Worth a here

  Covergirl 12:35 02 Apr 2009

. . . and been quite satisfied.

Over this period I have had only one occasion when it was unavailable for a few hours.

Over this period, I have seen download speeds change from c.4MBPS to 1.5MBPS to 3.5MBPS for periods of months at a time (all speedtests taken at 5am) without explanation.

Their customer service is on an 0870 number and manned by ethnics who do not have full command of the English language.

Their email support is also manned by ethnics who need several attempts to get the message and remedy a situation.

Their billing is good and accurate but I wish I had Clapton is Gods £17.99 deal - mine costs £24.32 per month with weekend free calls only because my exchange is not LLU'd.

My OH is worried about Tiscalis current financial stability so I have just applied to TalkTalk as they are LLU'd and I can get that at £17.99.

02 are often cited to be good on this forum, so if you can get them I would.

  RobCharles1981 12:40 02 Apr 2009



Can you post your full line stats from your BT Home Hub if thats what you use? follow the instructions here:

click here

Also can you post back the full details whats available to you at your exchange?

click here


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