Broadband-which one?

  Adz1310 14:59 20 May 2005

I have recently been with pipex and they have been great, though my 12 months is up with them now and was thinking of changing, due to cheaper alternatives out there. Though I know some have monthly usage limits and other catches. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best buy broadband etc? Will be good to hear your comments.

  pj123 15:48 20 May 2005

What were you paying with pipex? What do you think your monthly download would be? Are you on BT phone or Cable? AOL start from £17.99 with no limit caps. Have a look here: click here and see if there is anything there to interest you.

  Adz1310 15:51 20 May 2005

about 25quid a month, have a BT line, and dont want to change my phone line. Not to sure bout my monthly download, download a few albums, one or two movies. My firends are on tiscali, but not to sure! AOL doesnt that mess up your computer, or that is what I have been told, or is that jus a rumour!!??!!

  pj123 16:15 20 May 2005

At the risk of this being deleted, forget Tiscali.

No, AOL doesn't mess up your computer. I have three clients on AOL Broadband and they have never been happier. For the same price £24.99 you can get AOL Gold 1mb service with no limits or you can go for the Silver service which is £17.99 for 512kb with no limits. There isn't much else out there cheaper except for UKOnline which is offering BB at £9.99 but you have to be on a LLU exchange, which is very unlikely.

click here

  Father Flap 19:13 20 May 2005

NDO, have several Broadband offerings starting at £15.99 for light users I am on their £24.99 plan and have been with them for 18 months . I am not very well versed with computer maintenance so their 24/7 technical support is very handy they even covered the whole of the christmas period.( and its not one of these offshore call centres) I have a granddaughter who has been with AOL for years .Another who swears by NTL.

  RealAfrica 19:21 20 May 2005

I used AOL when I first got a PC back in late 90's. I would never go back to them under any circumstances. Their software mucks up Windows and there are other reasons I'll not go into here and now.
I did a lot searching on th forums, such as this, before I decided which Broadband ISP to go with and the winners of BEST BROADBAND ISP 2003 also won me to their stable. I have always been satisfied with them. Their service provision is good and customer service is excellent, also great value for money!click here

  habs 17:15 21 May 2005


I have been with plusnet for 3 months, i am so happy with them.I signed up for 2mbps,for £39.99 pm.

one month ago i received email from plusnet telling me BT want to upgrade to 8 mbps and i have choosing by BT for a trial.

I have accept that.I was thinking that i can't afford to pay £39.99pm any more.

I called customer services(they open 24 hours),and told them that,and i told them i have to reduce the speed for broadband to 2mbps(£21.99), they said to me you can keep the 8mbps and pay (£21.99),i was so happy.

I will never go to different ISP.

The good thing as well they open 24/7/365, whenever you need help you can call them.

whoever you choose good luck.


  welshwizard712 17:20 21 May 2005

right ok then habs?

2mb is £21.99
4mb will be £29.99
8mb will be £39.99

So how did u get 8mb for £21.99?

Sure ur not payin £39.99 still?

coz plusnet are already cheap enuf

  Adz1310 17:45 21 May 2005

right let me get this right.
there is no cathes with plus net, no hidden charges??no max downlaod limit?
but what is the difference between plus up to 2Mb 14.99
Premier up to 2Mb 21.99??
anyone clarify this?

  [email protected] 00:50 22 May 2005

Apparently the only difference is that the cheaper one has a contention rate of 50:1 & the more expensive is 30:1.

  Djohn 01:30 22 May 2005

Plusnet deal seems to be excellent. Main difference with the lower priced option £14.99 to the £21.99 is at peak times you are restricted to lower speed access for downloading of large files, email and surfing not affected.

I do believe the contention ratio to be confusing though and can't find a definitive answer, not even after a phone call to plusnet themselves.

My provider [Zen] is superb and many plusnet members have transferred even though the 2Mb service is £45.00 per month, [down to £35.00 from June 1].
Look on Zen's home page and you will see it says "Guaranteed no contention".

Plusnet offer 30 to 1 and 50 to 1 contention. All ADSL lines are contended at either 50 to 1 or 20 to 1 at the BT exchange. Some ISP's then apply their own contention ratio at their servers, Plusnet imply that they bypass the BT contention and use their own, but I can't confirm this.

As I mention above, my provider does not apply a contention other than BT's own ratio. I'm very tempted by the offer from plusnet but looking in their forums, there are a lot of complaints regarding poor service and dropped connections.

This can be checked out at their home page then follow through to the forum link, sign in using Guest as the username and password to read but not post comments. Then look at Zen's forum, no complaints, just praise.

Last Monday at 12:00 hours I phoned and asked to be upgraded to 2Mb from 512k, by Tuesday lunchtime I was surfing at the higher speed.

Speed test from various sites give me a low of 1879 kbps and a high of 2600 kbps. Superb speeds for testing, but the real test comes in downloading a 100 Mb file from the test site. download starts at 278 kbps then settles down to a steady 240 kbps for the whole file.

Like I say, I'm tempted by the low price but in the 18 months I've been with zen, not one single problem and no spam either, not a single one.

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