Broadband speed tests

  TopCat® 20:43 15 Oct 2008

Not all they're cracked up to be says Virgin Media and will get worse with increased speeds of up to 50Mbps. TC.

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  curofone 00:43 16 Oct 2008

yeah that becuase virgin are cheats, i have there 10mb fibre optic broadband and fact is with there caps if max my connection for 20 mins between 4 and 9 then i get capped by 75% for the next 5 hours, and i do not care what they say that is unfair 29 mins in a five hour period. Also believe they are carrying out other traffic managment as if i am watching youtube videos during their peak times the video streams will be throttled back and i do not see that mentioned anywhere on there website.

I personally think virgin should concentrate more on providing the sevice i signed up for rather than bashing internet speedcheckers that prove they are providing a crap services.

  wiz-king 05:59 16 Oct 2008

Your being capped is nothing to do with the accuracy of speed testers.

  curofone 12:27 16 Oct 2008

at what point did i say it did? I am being capped becuase i max my connection for 20 mins in a five hour period. I was simply stating that virgin should concentrate more on actually delievering the speeds they say they can all day everyday and if they did that then people would have no need to go and use speed checkers

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