broadband speed in rural areas

  Florrie Dodd 20:33 10 Jun 2010

Am I the only complainant? I have a bt line that gives me less than 0.5 kb speed max and i live 1.5 miles from the exchange. i have found it impossible to find out from bt if or when they intend to renew the line, their website directed me to the Infinity site which added insult to injury (as far as i can find out it has been there for at least 60 years...) I have requested the ISP chase it to no avail;what can i do ? This is a small village with about 600 inhabitants in Somerset

  birdface 22:45 10 Jun 2010

Would you get a better signal using o2.
I would imagine that they could test the line and let you know.
You can also get a home phone set up with them now.

  morddwyd 07:42 11 Jun 2010

Which ISP are you with?

When you say that you have requested that they chase it to no avail what exactly does that mean?

Did they fail to answer, did they say it was not their problem, did they say it was the line?

How do you know it is the BT line?

  onthelimit 08:57 11 Jun 2010 1.5 mile from the exchange (as the cable runs, not direct) in rural Shropshire. Regularly getting over 6meg speed - UP from the 2.5 I was getting a year ago.
I think you need to be more pushy with your ISP.

  bjh 10:01 11 Jun 2010

As an equally remote villager (for part of my week, anyway) I can sympathise. There is a lot you can do. Firstly, ask around the neighbours as to what speed they are getting. If most of the village is as slow, contact BT as a group, contact your local councillor, contact your ISP.
If some of the village is faster, but neighbours on your pole are slow, maybe there's a localised problem on the pole, old wiring, water penetration, etc. Pester BT for that.
It's worth checking the voice quality of your line... if it is hissy or crackly, complain to BT about that, but DON'T mention broadband. BT are obliged to fix line faults that affect voice traffic, but it can be up to your ISP to sort out broadband issues.
Use the Ask Sam site click here to find out what your estimated speed should be. Also use a few neighbours' phone numbers/postcodes to find what they expect as well.
Plug your router into the main BT socket and remove ALL other phone connections. If you get a fast speed, then it may be internal wiring problems, and renewing your wiring may help (and if so, try Googling for wiring tips like removing the bell wire connection).
Is the speed always this slow? If it is fast at some point of the day, slow at others, then it's an ISP issue, and may be down to contention ratios. Switching ISP might help in this kind of case.
Give us some more info... ISP, time it's slow, age of wiring, how are you connected to the phone line, etc...

My initial speed in Suffolk was initially 0.8meg. Fiddling about inside with new wiring and the like got just under 2meg. BT fixing a new outside line got another meg out of the same ISP... so lots can improve....

  bjh 10:03 11 Jun 2010

Sorry, this click here is a link directly to the test/information page on Sam Knows; the earlier is to the Home page. Lots of information there on Broadband issues...

  AL47 11:04 11 Jun 2010

Rural suffolk too, get 1. 8 Mbps no matter what isp we have, so if u live rur, just go for the cheapest

  onthelimit 15:15 11 Jun 2010

...that makes me feel really lucky!

  Big L 266 10:17 12 Jun 2010


I wonder if you would like to check your broadband speed using the link below? Its for the Top 10 broadband packages and might be useful in assisting you with other suppliers' packages.

click here

I too would be very upset having rang BT for them to refer you to BT Infinity for fibre optic broadband. BJH is quite correct in that there any many things you can do to improve things. The link below from BBC News will show you what can be achieved in a rural community like Rutland which had many of the problems both you and BJH have.

click here

Its well worth a look.

I hope these will both assist.

Big L 266

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