Broadband router suitable for house with concrete ceiling

  JayneL 18:25 12 Sep 2011

Please help! We have a netgear wireless box downstairs and a signal booster box upstairs. The signal upstairs keeps dropping out. Could this be due to the fact that we have concrete floors? Should I get a new stronger wireless box? If so, any suggestions?

Ours is a shared house so at least three people at a time are using a computer for watching tv, downloading music, you tube etc. If I paid extra for a faster connection would this make any difference (please excuse my ignorance).

I am not particularly computer literate so any replies in layman's terms would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

  chub_tor 19:33 12 Sep 2011

Paying extra for a faster connection will not help you unless the included router has a more powerful transmitter but if you are already having difficult when using a signal booster I doubt if even that would help. Have you tried using mains wiring transmission? Take a look at these then search around for similar products.

  JayneL 23:43 12 Sep 2011

Thank you for your response, much appreciated. Does it matter that the main wifi box (ground floor) is on a different electricity meter to the 1st floor (we pay bills separately).

My understanding is that you require at least two homeplugs, one to plug into the wifi box and the other where the signal is weak. The homeplug for the wifi box would need to be an ethernet adapter and the other a wifi one? Am I right?

Is one homeplug situated in the hallway sufficient to serve five rooms (which have fire doors) or does it depend on use?

  Roadgiant 07:59 13 Sep 2011

I looked into home plugs a few months ago and I don't think it will work on different meters. Did a quick search and found this :- "Would HomePlugs work on different mains circuits in my house (rings) ? Yes, but the rings or circuits (such as upstairs and downstairs) mains must be on the same fuse box / consumer box."

  chub_tor 11:20 13 Sep 2011

JayneL You can probably get your question answered by members of the Solwise Forum Click Here

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