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Broadband provider changed without my consent

  mammak 12:52 10 Dec 2011

Hi, I have just discovered that my Broadband has been moved to another ISP without my consent. I have obviously still got an internet connection coming into my house, but as yet have no idea who from? My land line is still active with my previous ISP. I intend to phone Ofcom on Monday for some advice. But in the mean time is there anyway at all I might find out who this ISP is? The service is still coming through my Homehub. So it is not a dial-up connection. I have had no bills or letters from anyone. So I am really at a loss as what to do about this situation. Regards.

  mammak 13:17 10 Dec 2011

Only reason I found out about this is my original ISP asked for their equipment back! The connection I've been using is wireless, that has excepted my original wireless key (My Home Network had still been set as it was before). But I am about to plug in an Ethernet wire and delete the wireless connection, to see if this would shed any light as to whom it is that is providing my Broadband.

  Forum Editor 15:02 10 Dec 2011

If you can connect using the original login details your broadband service is still being provided by your original ISP.

Your router has to handshake with the ISP's equipment in your local telephone exchange, and the fact that it still does that means there has been no change.

  spuds 13:49 11 Dec 2011

[email protected]

Your link proves very interesting. According to the information regarding the ISP I use, which is Talk Talk, it would appear that Pipex is the account provider, having been transferred from Tiscali. I have never had any dealings with Pipex, so I can only assume this is either wrong information, or Talk Talk are moving accounts again?.

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