Broadband / personal alarm compatability

  Sheepish 20:42 18 Nov 2008

I’m finally getting around to upgrading to broadband, and as well as all the usual selection criteria such as speed and customer service, which I can check on standard best buy surveys etc, I have another thing I need to consider. There’s a possibility that in the future I’ll need to install a personal accident alarm for my mother – the sort of thing where you have a pendant with a button that sends out an emergency message via a dialler attached to the phone line. I’ve heard that some broadband suppliers aren’t compatible with this sort of alarm. Anyone got any practical experience of this kind of thing and any ISP compatibility issues? (For ISPs here, cable isn’t an option and there aren’t many suppliers with LLU – just AOL, Orange, Talk Talk and Tiscali.) I’m not at the stage where I’m looking for alarm recommendations – that’s more a medium term possibility.

  wiz-king 05:48 19 Nov 2008

Should not be a problem as long as you have a normal BT landline. Check your telephone line click here here and they will tell you what speed you could get and their helpline is very good.

  spuds 11:37 19 Nov 2008

I think that you will find that the emergency alarm system may need to have a independent line. Best to check with your particular chosen supplier. My brother was on Freeserve with a BT line, and he had a Red Alert emergency system which required a separate installation via BT.

  acfc 19:09 19 Nov 2008

You do not require a seperate line for this.

There are a number of different systems including speach diallers which can be programmed to call with a preprogrammed message when activated (3 numbers I think so your home/mobile/nurse for example or a digital communicator which dials an alarm receiving centre and the agreed actions are taken by a controller. Both these work like normal phones and just need a filter

There is also BT redcare which adds line monitoring in case the bt line fails. This could be used to monitor both the pendant system and home security alarm if appropriate and also connects to an ARC and differentiates between types of alarm. This is more expensive because BT charge for the redcare signal on the line but also gives peace of mind that if the line fails action will be taken.

  laurie53 20:45 19 Nov 2008

We have one of these, and have never had any problems with broadband (Orange).

Earlier this week I rang the alarm monitors to see if I could change telephone providers as BT are so expensive.

Apart from recommending that I test the system once my new provider is in place they saw no problem.

The one thing I would recommend is that your alarm is plugged directly into the BT box, rather than any extension, and run your other devices, including the actual phone, from any adapter/extension which may be necessary.

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