Broadband payments credit card or direct debit?

  So Afraid 10:31 19 Nov 2007

I pay each month by credit card,now there is a option to pay by direct debit,would you switch.

  Pine Man 11:34 19 Nov 2007

Direct Debit is much, much safer and far, far easier to stop!

  €dstowe 11:42 19 Nov 2007

Definitely DD.

  So Afraid 13:15 19 Nov 2007

Well it looks like DD if other views are the same.

  hssutton 13:29 19 Nov 2007

Without doubt DD, then you have control

  Pine Man 13:30 19 Nov 2007

If you want a bit of a nudge - when you set up a DD you get a statutory guarantee against anything going wrong and you can stop it immediately by ringing your bank.

When you give an individual company permission to take money from your credit card account on a regular basis the only way it can be stopped is by that company agreeing to stop taking it. The credit card company cannot stop the agreement(I believe).

  So Afraid 15:33 19 Nov 2007

Ok its DD,i will change to the option online in my ISP control panel.

  So Afraid 15:35 19 Nov 2007

Forgot to say thanks for the help

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