Broadband - just a comment!

  Storik 09:16 27 Jul 2006

It would seem that "Holy Island" - also known as "Lindisfarn" is getting new phone lines and the means for broadband installed. No mean feat for the engineers who have to work when the "causeway" is exposed and not under water.

Now I do NOT begrudge the islanders their broadband. However, I am two miles too far from the local telephone exchange, and therefore cannot get broadband. I live in what appears to be a "black hole" - on the borders of Weardale and County Durham - try finding detailed information on a map!

If BT can provide the Lindisfarn islanders with broadband - across an expanse of water, why oh why cannot they extend provisions for us?

Now TV broadcasts are sent via "relay masts" across the country, why isn't it possible for BT to provide small "relay" posts to rural areas and thus boost the telephone connection?

I suppose there must be a reason - ah well, we can but dream.


  oresome 10:05 27 Jul 2006

"I suppose there must be a reason"

In a word financial.

Only about 60% of potential broadband customers are being fought over.

BT's competitors aren't interested at the moment in putting equipment in exchanges that serve rural locations.

If competitors are creaming off the easy pickings, you can't expect BT to finance loss making conversions.

  Stuartli 10:48 27 Jul 2006

The BT boss has just been on Sky News extolling the virtues of ISPs' competition in the supply of broadband being "a great thing for customers"..:-))

  packettracer 11:18 27 Jul 2006

Write to the CEO's of the companies concerned or better still buy some shares & get to speak at the AGM's. That normally works well!

  spuds 11:25 27 Jul 2006

BT do have relay points across the country, but it all comes back to finance and whether 'returns' for a service would justify the end means. The government made a clear statement about two or so years ago, that everyone would have broadband.Why not ask your MP to make some enquiries with BT and other agencies, as to when you can expect broadband and better communication networks in your area.

  oresome 12:17 27 Jul 2006

"or better still buy some shares"

Once you become a shareholder, your perspective may change and maximising your returns may be uppermost in your mind.

  namtas 12:52 27 Jul 2006

"also known as "Lindisfarn" oh no it isn't it is "Lindisfarne lol, they maybe need it more than you do with them being cut off from the mainland twice a day. Seriously, perhaps the cable and infrastructure is in place to do at reasonable cost, whereas perhaps your situation it is more costly

  packettracer 13:34 27 Jul 2006

My Father bought shares in a well known PC company when he had trouble getting his pc repaired. He stood up in the AGM and mentioned it, next day he got a replacement that worked & a grovelling letter to say sorry from the MD.

So it does work!

  oresome 15:10 27 Jul 2006

I hope both the replacement PC and the shares have worked well for him.

  amonra 15:28 27 Jul 2006

An 18GHz microwave link (4x8MB)that would suit your purpose is readily available for about £30,000:00. It could work up to about 20Km from the exchange and is easily and quickly installed by competent engineers. That is, providing you have a licence for operating m/wave equipment, a suitable mast to mount the aerials and equipment on (both ends), suitable licenced premises, - - - - The list goes on.and on.
Alternatively, there is the cheaper method of fibre-optic cables. Again this method assumes you already have existing ducting under the roadway and the means of installation, one fibre can carry ALL your local network traffic so there's no need to worry about 8MB bandwidth.
As oresome said earlier, it's all a matter of finance. If BT or any other ISP can see a return on their investment then they will go ahead. Dream on - - - - -

  Storik 16:41 27 Jul 2006

Well I did have a go with broadband with both BT and AOL, having received a brochure which indicated that I could get it.

I spent £30.00 to have my main junction put upstairs and another £15.00 for help from BT's helpline. Nothing worked, but BT DID reimburse me the cost. :)

One day perhaps! Never mind eh? - Thanks for the replies :)


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