broadband isp's

  User-CBC3EDFC-5AAC-4F70-B3D79D579C522BF0 23:47 24 Apr 2005

my head is swimming - I am about to go broadband and cannot make up my mind as to which ISP! I am a pensioner so cost is important but so is service.

With Plusnet at the moment but they want to charge £93 to upgrade from dialup. My download needs are modest but would like 2GByte allowance.

Would appreciate any good advice

  Tim1964 00:06 25 Apr 2005

Have a lok at click here for a rundown of the 'actual' costs of numerous BB contracts.

  Tim1964 00:06 25 Apr 2005

Or even a 'look' :)

  TomJerry 00:09 25 Apr 2005

click here, no set up fee, only downside is 12 month contract

  TomJerry 00:10 25 Apr 2005

click here, no set up fee, only downside is 12 month contract

checked with daily telegrapg and they are advising an isp madasafish. anybody any info or experience?

  pauldonovan 13:17 25 Apr 2005

click here

When I last compared Pipex, BT and Tiscali, Pipex was the clear leader in all areas. I can thoroughly recommend them and have been with them for years...

  Border View 16:13 25 Apr 2005

I too can recommend Pipex. Excellent connections and price.

  Aspman 16:18 25 Apr 2005

I'm very pleased with Metronet 1Mb.

Higher start up costs but cheaper in the long run.

  961 16:32 25 Apr 2005

Madasafish is part of Brightview which also runs Freenetname and about 6 others

Service and reliability are good and current prices start at £17.99 per month for 256 unlimited or same for 2mb with 2gb monthly limit, which should be enough for many. Free modem etc and usually offers cheaper rate or free for first months

  John B 16:36 25 Apr 2005

I'm very happy with Freedom2surf and is definitely worth a look. click here

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